A Celebration of Nurses

Evi Dewhurst / May 2015

We celebrated National Nurses Week between May 6 through May 12 this year, and what a celebration it was! It was truly inspiring to see the outpouring of support and thanks for nurses everywhere across television, print and online.

As we prepared for celebrating National Nurses Week, we realized our own words were easy to find in support of the individuals of this noble profession. This was especially so for neonatal intensive care nurses, who work with some of the most critically ill patients across the healthcare spectrum. But we wanted to do something more meaningful than simply share our words… We wanted to share inspiring words from nurse to nurse. Words to share the joys of nursing, words to share encouragement for those who need it, words of advice from the wise. We asked NICU nurses from across the United States to share their words of support and encouragement, and received a wonderfully varied and insightful collection to share on our Medela for Healthcare Professionals Facebook page during National Nurses Week.

We wanted to share these words once again because they were truly meaningful. While we don’t have room to post all the submissions, we picked ten at random that cover a range of insights that speak from the heart. We hope you find inspiration and hope in these supportive thoughts from your peers. And “thank you” for being a nurse who makes a difference in so many lives!

 NICU Nurses Speak 1“As a NICU nurse of 15 years I would like to encourage other NICU nurses to remain passionate about working with our special patients and most especially their families. Developing a solid rapport with the mother and father can make or break the success of the patient. Stay strong, competent and compassionate and have a lot of patience.” – Marco Romero, RNC-NIC, BSN, Clinical Educator for NICU and Newborn Nursery, Las Palmas Medical Center, El Paso, TX


NICU Nurses Speak 2“It’s difficult, we have long hours, shift work, but I love every minute of it! Serving others is what gets me out of bed.” – Martha Hoy


NICU Nurses Speak 3“It’s the best worst job and the worst best job; but it will always be worth it when you connect with a patient or family in their darkest hours.” – Alexis Fay


NICU Nurses Speak 4“Treat every patient with the dignity and respect that you would give your own mother or grandma. Everyone deserves to have at least one person fight for them even if they can’t.” – Deborah M. LPN ADON


NICU Nurses Speak 5“Never stop learning about NICU care/treatments/research. Strive for excellence and be the best NICU nurse you can be.” – Submitted anonymous


NICU Nurses Speak 6“Take absolutely nothing at all personally. Yes we all have a story. We all have a struggle that no one knows of. But now, we are being given the opportunity to take someone else’s pain away. To make that child’s day. To heal. This is a gift only a nurse can offer at any time despite what he/she is facing. This is true compassion. True love.” – Samaria Rodriguez-Knight, RN


NICU Nurses Speak 7“Americans Rate Nurses Highest on Honesty, Ethical Standards.” “Nurses have consistently been the top-rated profession.” (Gallup poll 2014) What a proud moment for nursing! NICU nurses, continue to put your patients and families first and be their advocates! Your hard work is making a difference in the lives of the people you care for!” – Vicki Holtan, RNC, NICU Clinical Nurse Supervisor, Essentia Health, Fargo, ND


NICU Nurses Speak 8“Nurses are forever friends.” – Tristine Bates, BSN MBA NICU Director


NICU Nurses Speak 9“I’ve been a nurse for 32 years…primarily in NICU, but I’ve also worked in pediatric cardiac ICU and pediatric transport. To this day, I am still so very proud of my profession and honored to care for babies and their families at their most vulnerable time. As a nurse manager, I strive to influence new RNs so they can feel this sense of pride.” – Lisa Nichols, MSN, RNC, Nurse Manager, NICU WellStar Cobb Hospital, Austell, GA


NICU Nurses Speak 10“Be the change you want to see in the world” – Gandhi. “Start with yourself, your unit, your Hospital, your Community, your City, your State….. Change the World 1 Nurse at a time!” – Mercy Medical Center – Nursing Leadership!