A Holiday Thank You

Evi Dewhurst

The holiday season is in full swing, creating a heart-warming, festive air all around. Amongst the swirling festivity is a sort of cheerful bravery: inspired shoppers face surging crowds for ideal gifts, neighbors defy the elements to secure lights from every outdoor crevice, and designated tree decorators tackle the noble fir to place ornaments just so. It seems the world is a brighter place at this time of year, when the days are actually the shortest. We seek joy and light to illuminate the darkness.

Setting aside common holiday references, true bravery at its core is much deeper, yet still about facing dark days with an unwavering light in your heart.

This holiday season we celebrate the true bravery of NICU professionals, who each day so deliberately share their healing light with those in their care. We celebrate their dedication to these most vulnerable patients who represent the future of generations. We celebrate their gentle hands, soothing voices, and long hours past exhaustion to stand vigil over babies who desperately need them. We celebrate their thoughtful gestures to worried parents, time spent educating family members and the patience in their eyes when events are at their most challenging. We celebrate their courage to confront the medical odds and bend them to their will.

Each moment in their care is more time earned, more chances to make it, more opportunity to grow and be a healthy child who will one day share their own light with others. This is a bravery that cannot be measured, but is seen and felt throughout so many lives. We send a heartfelt “thank you” to all NICU nurses and doctors, who devote themselves to sustaining and nurturing those in need.

We wish you a wonderful holiday filled with bravery. May the season bring you illumination and joy.