Breastfeeding Initiation Risk Factors – VIDEO

April 2019

What information can best help a mother achieve her breastfeeding goals? As clinicians, you are in a unique position to guide and educate using valuable research. But did you know the critical value of the initiation phase of human milk delivery, and how risk factors directly impact its success?

How about helping mothers overcome inaccurate expectations? Most women assume breastfeeding will be easy. Everything should fall into place, the baby breastfeeds (or mom pumps) and ta-da! Lots of liquid gold to share. Unfortunately, difficulties do arise, and new research points to specific risk factors that may impact early initiation, and a mother’s ability to come to volume.

Last month, Dr. Diane Spatz, PhD, RN-BC, FAAN, went live on the Medela for Healthcare Professionals Facebook page to discuss breastfeeding initiation risk factors. Her goal for the presentation was to inform clinicians and hospital staff, who can then use the information to help mothers reach their personal breastfeeding goals.

During the 25 minute video, she covered the following topics:

  • Exclusive breastfeeding rates
  • Critical points for clinicians to engage mothers
  • The vital role of colostrum and what amount is necessary
  • Breastfeeding risks that delay initiation of human milk
  • How a delay of initiation can prevent coming to volume

Don’t worry if you missed the Facebook Live event! Click on the image below to watch the recorded version posted on our Facebook for Healthcare Professionals page, and follow us for more on the latest in lactation and infant nutrition!

Live with Dr. Diane Spatz discussing breastfeeding initiation risk factors.