Infographic: Infection in the NICU

Evi Dewhurst


Infection prevention and control is, and always has been, a critical function of the NICU. In this infographic, we look at infection with a focus on blood stream infection: rates, impacts, and ultimate tools for prevention.

HAI Infection in the NICU image

Looking for more infection prevention information? Sandy Beauman, MSN, RNC-NIC, and consultant for Medela, discusses infection prevention in-depth in a two-part blog series dedicated to the topic:

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Infection Prevention Blog, Part 2

Medical advances and careful, deliberate research have brought about amazing changes, which have transformed neonatal care to what we know it as today. Improvements continue to develop and new methods of infection control continue to expand the potential for better patient outcome. As the goal of true infection prevention becomes a very real possibility, we must pay attention to the facts while maintaining focus.