Medela Makes a Difference: Learn How We Enrich the Lives of Families

Jenny Murray, BSN, RN, IBCLC / September 2023

As one of Medela’s Clinical Education Managers for NICU and Maternity Care in the U.S., I have been a proud part of the Medela team for nearly 7 years (as of this publication) and often get the opportunity to see firsthand how the work we do impacts others within the hospital and clinical environments. I believe it is especially important to share these stories so we can all understand how much our brand and products help people all over the world – Things others may not always get to see, but emphasizes that we can make an incredible difference.

The story of the Moseby family and Mallory's breastfeeding journey has been shared with permission.

Meeting the Family and Forming a Connection

moseby family standing with kids and smiling

I met the Moseby family several months ago, when our paths crossed at MD Anderson in Houston, Texas. When my husband, Darrin, was diagnosed with cancer and sent to this hospital for treatment, we learned that a fellow firefighter, Harrison Moseby, was also there for treatment and felt compelled to reach out to the family to offer our support. The Moseby family – Harrison, his wife Mallory and their two daughters ages 2 years old and 4 months old – live in Oklahoma, about a 7 hour drive from Houston. Upon meeting, Mallory and I chatted about her breastfeeding journey, including how she was pumping to maintain her milk supply while supporting her husband at the hospital and away from her newborn daughter.

As we continued to talk, Mallory mentioned she was using a different breast pump brand, which is what she had received through insurance. She also mentioned how she had to carry that pump around - back and forth from the hotel to the hospital - all while assisting her husband, who is a new amputee as a result of his cancer. I knew Medela had an easier solution for her!

I reached out to one of our product managers, and together we sent Mallory a Freestyle Hands-free Breast Pump with a note sharing how happy we are to help her during this trying time and to reach out directly if she ever needs additional product support.

After Mallory received her Freestyle Hands-free, she reached out to express her gratitude, mentioned that it's her new favorite pump, and also how much she loves our breast milk storage bags. Thank you so much to Medela and my colleagues on the Product Marketing team for all that was done to help this sweet family.

moseby family and friends surrounding hospital bed in prayer

Benefits of Continued Breastfeeding

Harrison is now on hospice, though he will soon be airlifted to Houston for a second opinion because he is not ready to give up. Of course, the most beautiful part of the photo above is the friends and family surrounding Harrison and praying for a miracle. You may also notice our Symphony® Breast Pump too, which Mallory uses while with her husband at the hospital.

Without our pump technology and quality products, Mallory would have lost her ability to provide what only she can to her new baby; a devastating loss as she helps her husband fight for his life. Today, because of our innovation, Mallory continues to breastfeed and pump – and even has a freezer full of milk to give her baby when she’s away! The Moseby family knows the devastating effects that cancer can have on a family. By continuing to provide her little one with breast milk, Mallory is decreasing these risks for both her and baby Gracelee's future. 

In fact, Gracelee now has decreased risks of developing childhood lymphomas and leukemias, type 1 and 2 diabetes, asthma, fewer gastrointestinal illnesses and fewer respiratory infections because of the protection provided by Mallory's milk. The American Academy of Pediatrics now recommends breastfeeding for up to 2 years, in part because of the decreased health risks experienced by mothers who nurse for longer - including decreased risks of developing breast and ovarian cancer, diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol. 

We have much to be proud of as dedicated healthcare professionals. I hope sharing the Moseby’s story provides encouragement about what we do each day, motivation to continue our great work, and understanding around how we greatly enrich the lives of so many families. Thank you to both my Medela team and to my fellow healthcare professionals for all that you do!

About the Author

Jenny Murray, BSN, RN, IBCLC, began her career 18 years ago as a neonatal nurse in neonatal intensive care. She has since served in a variety of nursing leadership roles within the NICU. Her experience in those roles has driven her love for education and research, especially educating and supporting clinicians in the advancing, innovative world of neonatology. Jenny currently works as a Clinical NICU Specialist for Medela LLC.

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