The Value of Mother’s Milk in the NICU – Infographic Resource

Evi Dewhurst / July 2016

Just how valuable is mother’s milk in the NICU? Research has repeatedly demonstrated the many ways human milk can give sick and preterm infants the best possible start. Some are noticeable, such as impact to necrotizing enterocolitis rates. Other ways are more subtle, including boosting antibodies, and influencing discharge timing.

Medela’s international team of education and research experts came together to create a new infographic tool for NICU professionals based on this research. This tool is dedicated to exploring the value of mother’s milk in the NICU and helping NICU professionals empower parents with knowledge of human milk benefits.

This infographic demonstrates several key benefits of mother’s milk to NICU infants. These include protective components, from powerful colostrum to living cells, antibody boost, and brain-developing fats. The infographic also details mother’s milk effects on improving early life outcomes with its dose-response relationship, fewer short-term morbidities, early development enhancement and returning home sooner. It concludes with the lifelong benefits as well, such as fewer long-term morbidities and better quality of life.

We are thrilled to share this valuable learning resource with our Neonatal Perspectives readers.