ENFit® Impact on Oral Medication

Enteral Feeding

Ready to mitigate how your pharmacy is impacted by the NICU? Medela can help. Contrary to popular thought, your pharmacy doesn’t have to make major changes to accommodate new feeding tubes in the NICU:

  • The Global Enteral Device Supplier Association (GEDSA) has proposed a deadline of July 1, 2021 for the discontinuation of legacy (oral) feeding tubes and adapters, with other oral products expected to discontinue on January 1, 2022.
  • The FDA, JCAHO, and other regulatory guidelines all recommend ENFit for enteral feeding.
  • The GEDSA proposal is not a mandate and is primarily focused on feeding (and not the pharmacy).

Medela's Low Dose DualCap eliminates the need to change to ENFit in pharmacy.

  • No compromise to accuracy
  • No compromise to safety

ENFit Low Dose Syringe verses Medela's Low Dose Dual Cap

As many hospitals begin to transition feeding products to ENFit it creates a challenge where the safety oral syringes no longer connect to ENFit feeding tubes.

ENFit Low-Dose Syringe

Medela Low Dose Dual Cap

Learn More about Your Options and How These Changes May Affect You

Pharmacies now have two options and Medela can support you with either choice. Learn more about each option, so you can make the most informed decision regarding what’s best for your facility:

ENFit Low Dose Syringes
  • Must carry ENFit syringes
  • Must carry ENFit vial adapters
  • Must carry ENFit tamper-evident syringe caps
  • Oral adapters are often needed which can compromise accuracy
  • This can lead to significant practice change, resulting in increased costs and the need for additional items that can be hard to quantify
Medela Low Dose Dual Cap
  • No changes to your pharmacy, including no new or updated SKUs
  • No new costs and no compromise on safety or accuracy
  • Compatible with ENFit tubes hospital-wide
  • Dual Cap is stocked at the bedside
  • If medication is delivered orally, there will be no change from practice today
  • Dual Cap can be used on the medication syringe, if giving medications NG
  • Dual Cap is validated to the same ISO accuracy standard as all syringes
  • Limited impact on staff, patients, and budgets while solving pharmacy and clinical issues
  • Medelas Low Dose Dual Cap provides a safe, flexible, cost-effective alternative to ENFit in pharmacy without compromising on convenience or accuracy.

Learn more about Medela Low Dose Dual Cap