Account Support for Symphony PLUS® Upgrade

Congratulations! Your Medela Symphony® Breast Pump software has been upgraded to the Symphony PLUS® as part of the pump repair. . 

Through advancing research, observing natural behavior and listening to our customers, we turn science into care, nurturing health for generations. The Symphony PLUS Breast Pump is a prime example of this important mission. Clinical evidence suggests infant feeding behaviors have an important role in determining lactation suc­cess. These unique infant sucking patterns in the first few days of life appear to program mothers’ breasts for optimal milk production.

The Symphony PLUS Breast Pump has two pumping programs: INITIATE and MAINTAIN, designed to meet the different needs of moms during their various stages of lactation. 

INITIATE- The INITIATE pumping program uses Initiation Technology®, which mimics a newborn’s natural feeding behavior in the first few days after birth1. The INITIATE program is used to initiate a mom’s milk supply and should be used shortly after birth and until mom’s milk supply has been initiated, which is typically within the first 5 days post-birth. 

MAINTAIN – The MAINTAIN pumping program uses 2-Phase Expression Technology®, which mimics a baby's natural nursing rhythm after the initiation stage. This is the same pumping program the Symphony Breast Pump contains. The MAINTAIN program is used to build and maintain a mom’s milk supply and should be used by day 6 post-birth and for as long as mom wishes. 

Overview of change and how it impacts you: 

The difference between Symphony and Symphony PLUS is Symphony PLUS contains an additional pumping program: INITIATE with Initiation Technology. This program supports mothers with initiating their milk production, which helps make 50% more milk available over the first 14 days.1,2

  • Educate moms that the pump contains 2 pumping programs and the pumping program they should use depends on what stage of lactation they are in. 
    • Birth – Up to day 5 post-birth: Use INITIATE
    • Day 6 post-birth and thereafter: Use MAINTAIN  
  • Provide them with resources on how to use the breast pump and pumping sets (kits). 


Additional Information on the Benefits of the Symphony PLUS 

1 Meier PP et al. J Perinatol. 2012; 32(2):103–110
2 Neville MC et al. Am J Clin Nutr. 1988; 48(6):1375–1386