Symphony® PLUS Breast Pump Upgrade Program

Congratulations! Your Medela Symphony® Breast Pump has been upgraded to the Symphony® PLUS Breast Pump at no additional cost to you. 

Through advancing research, observing natural behavior and listening to our customers, we turn science into care, nurturing health for generations. The Symphony PLUS® Breast Pump is a prime example of this important mission. Clinical evidence suggests infant feeding behaviors have an important role in determining lactation suc­cess. These unique infant sucking patterns in the first few days of life appear to program mothers’ breasts for optimal milk production.

The Symphony PLUS® Breast Pump has two pumping programs: INITIATE and MAINTAIN, designed to meet the different needs of moms during their various stages of lactation. 

INITIATEThe INITIATE pumping program uses Initiation Technology®, which mimics a newborn’s natural feeding behavior in the first few days after birth1. The INITIATE program is used to initiate a mom’s milk supply and should be used shortly after birth and until mom’s milk supply has been initiated, which is typically within the first 5 days post-birth. 


MAINTAIN – The MAINTAIN pumping program uses 2-Phase Expression Technology®, which mimics a baby's natural nursing rhythm after the initiation stage. This is the same pumping program the Symphony Breast Pump contains. The MAINTAIN program is used to build and maintain a mom’s milk supply and should be used by day 6 post-birth and for as long as mom wishes. 


Overview of change and how it impacts you: 

The difference between Symphony and Symphony PLUS is Symphony PLUS contains an additional pumping program: INITIATE with Initiation Technology®. This program supports mothers with initiating their milk production, which helps make 50% more milk available over the first 14 days. 1,2

  • Educate moms that the pump contains 2 pumping programs and the pumping program they should use depends on what stage of lactation they are in. 
    1. Birth – Up to day 5 post-birth: Use INITIATE
    2. Day 6 post-birth and thereafter: Use MAINTAIN  
  • Provide them with resources on how to use the breast pump and pumping sets (kits). 
    1. Symphony PLUS Quick Start Card Tearsheet {attached doc # 1937071} 
      • This PDF can be printed or ordered through Medela at no charge when placed with a product order. 
    2. Refer them to the Symphony Consumer Support Page
      • Note: QR code to this page is located on the Symphony PLUS Quick Start Card Tearsheet


Additional Information on the Benefits of the Symphony PLUS 


1 Meier PP et al. J Perinatol. 2012; 32(2):103–110

2 Neville MC et al. Am J Clin Nutr. 1988; 48(6):1375–1386