12 More Hilarious Sleep-Deprived Stories From Moms

The first few months as a mom, until baby sleeps through the night, can be challenging - but can also inspire some hilarious sleep-deprived stories!

Until baby starts sleeping through the night, sleep is a luxury as a new mom. Although the first few months can be challenging, those sleepy moments can make for some hilarious stories that you’ll tell for years to come. We asked our moms to share their funniest sleep-deprived moments, and here are some of our favorites:

  • I was so tired that I didn’t realize my 3-week-old had unlatched and was trying to re-latch and sucked 3 dime sized hickies on the side of my boob while trying to find the nipple! I could barely explain it to my husband for laughing so hard when I went back to bed! - Sarah
  • It was the middle of the night and I thought my baby had detached herself. I went to get up and she grabbed my other nipple and was swinging in the air. I slowly put her down. She had a grip like a tiger. I went to the bathroom burst out laughing while my husband asked what was wrong? - Kajol
  • I was nursing my newborn in the middle of the night and dozed off. Woke up to my husband saying something and when I asked what he was saying, he responded “That was a fart.” We both started laughing at my conversation with his fart. - Nichol
  • I had just finished pumping for my baby and was putting the milk in the bottle. As I am pouring the milk I felt my feet get wet and as I look down I realized I never put the bottom on the bottle! I crumpled to the floor and cried over the spilled milk. – Krystal H.
  • One night as I fed my daughter I had a sleep-deprivation dream that there was a fly walking on my breast so I freaked out and smacked it…the IT I smacked was my daughter’s hand 😰😓 - Sandra
  • I pumped 4oz and when I went to put the milk into a bottle, I poured it into the bottle warmer instead. – Celeste F.
  • I was so exhausted from 2 nights in a row of not sleeping. One night, my two-week old woke up screaming to be fed. Instead of feeding her right away, I looked at her and started poking, trying to turn her off. I thought she was my alarm going off for the day…🙃⏰ - Karina T.
  • I would warm baby wipes under my boobs while my husband changed the baby. Once, I discovered one under a boob days later. It was as dry as a dryer sheet! – Susan T.
  • Freaked out in the middle of the night when my cat jumped out of bed – thinking it was my baby falling out of bed. We don’t even co-sleep by the way. – Vanessa S.
  • I was at work and locked myself in the privacy room to pump. Set up my pump, got everything ready to go, then pulled down my pants and sat in the chair instead of pulling off my top. I was this close to thinking I was in the bathroom instead of pumping and actually peeing on the chair. - Kristen G.
  • I once accidentally put breast milk in my coffee instead of regular milk. - Janet E.
  • I was super tired one night and sat in bed to pump and I hooked everything up (or so I thought) put my hands-free bra on and started pumping. Lo and behold I fell asleep. I woke up 30 mins later soaking wet, I forgot to attach the bottles to the pump. – Molly R.

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