3 Steps to Finding the Best Pumping Bra for Work

When it comes to finding the right pumping bra for work, knowing how to measure yourself can help you shop with confidence.

When it comes to nursing bras and finding the right pumping bra for work and other occasions, the perfect fit isn’t always simple. Most moms want the support and style of a standard bra, with the most important features of a nursing bra included – essential things like soft cups, flexible fabric, and convenient access for nursing and/or pumping. New moms often struggle when searching for the right fit, so knowing how to measure yourself correctly can help you shop with confidence and set yourself up for pumping success as you return to work and other activities.

How to Accurately Measure Yourself

Step 1: Fitting

To find the Medela pumping bra that works best for you, put on a standard, non-padded bra that reflects your true shape and have a pen and paper ready. You’ll also need a measuring tape and a mirror.

  • Wrap the measuring tape around your back and directly under your armpits. Ensure that the tape is at a slightly upward angle – it should lie flat and parallel to the hook and eye closure of your bra.
  • Pull the measuring tape so it’s snug against your body. You’ll want it to feel tight, but not overly constricting. Read the measurement without moving the tape and write down the number. This is your rib band measurement.
  • To measure your cup size, wrap the tape horizontally around your back and place it over the fullest part of your chest.
  • Press the tape between the center of your breasts so it is touching the space between your breasts and ensure that the tape is flat and parallel to the hook and eye closure of your bra.
  • While holding the tape loosely in place, write down that measurement.

Finally, subtract your rib band size from your cup size. Match the difference in inches using the chart below

















For example, if the difference between your rib band and cup sizes is 2 inches, then your bra measurement is your rib band size + the corresponding letter (i.e. 34B).

The Next Steps

Buying any bra can be challenging, but purchasing a nursing bra can seem even more confusing when considering all the physical changes that happen after giving birth! To find the Medela pumping bra that works best for your lifestyle and needs, it’s helpful to know what features are most important to you ahead of time.

Step 2: Planning

Before diving head-first into your shopping, decide what you’re looking for and what you want. The bra that will work best depends on your unique lifestyle – whether you need a pumping bra for work; a bra to complement your busy, active life; or something that will be ultra-comfortable overnight. Knowing how many bras you’re shopping for is also important. Most women like to have at least three on hand, so there’s always a back-up. After all, babies are messy geniuses and laundry is often the last thing on a busy new mama’s mind!

We feature a wide range of bras designed for optimal comfort and functionality. Whether you have a specific Medela pumping bra in mind or you want to try a few, identifying your must-haves in a nursing bra will help you be even more ready to compare and shop.

Step 3: Discovering

Once you know your correct size and know what you’re looking for, it’s time to find your perfect Medela pumping bra for work. Our bras adapt to your changing shape during and after pregnancy while providing exceptional fit, comfort, and convenience throughout your breast milk feeding journey.

Designed for both maternity and breastfeeding, our Keep Cool Bra features quick dry technology to help balance your body temperature and two integrated breathing zones to keep you feeling cool and comfy. Made with Soft Touch Adaptive Stretch™ Technology to support an ideal fit that grows with your changing body, easily adjustable straps and fully fold-down cups promote greater comfort and maximized skin-to-skin contact while nursing your little one.

For parents seeking 3-in-1 versatility, this bra is designed for all the different ways you provide milk to your baby! Our 3-in-1 Nursing and Pumping Bra supports in-bra pumping, electric pumping and nursing for the freedom, flexibility and comfort you deserve during your breast milk feeding journey. With a lightweight, ultra-breathable design perfect for all-day wear, you can comfortably carry out your daily tasks and rest assured this bra works with all Medela electric breast pumps, wearable and in-bra pumps, and even other electric breast pump brands. 

Developed to make hands-free double pumping as comfortable as possible, the bustier’s stretch material is designed to adapt to your body’s changes while providing no-slip support during your pumping sessions. Soft touch material emphasizes comfort while pumping and minimizes breast compression to support optimal milk flow. Best of all, this bra accommodates all Medela breast shields and double electric breast pumps.

As you explore and find your perfect pumping bra for work, remember that there are plenty of Medela resources available as you encounter challenges, successes, and questions along your breastfeeding journey. Connect with other moms on our Facebook page or privately direct your questions to a professional lactation consultant through Ask The LC for a free one-on-one e-mail consultation. Best of luck as you return to the workforce, mama – you got this!

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