5 Must-Have Products for Your Second Trimester

However you plan to spend your second trimester, there are a few must-haves that you should consider getting now. Being mindful of your changing body, its needs, and your comfort is essential during this time and into postpartum! Here's a handful of items that can help:

Welcome to Your Second Trimester! Here are Some Items You'll Need

Whether you’re a first-time mom or you’ve been through this before, parents-to-be often associate the second trimester of pregnancy as the best one. You’ve made it past the early pregnancy symptoms, like morning sickness and fatigue, and have a few weeks before common third trimester symptoms, such as discomfort, back pain, and difficulty sleeping, kick in. In fact, some families even opt to take a “babymoon”, or a final vacation before your little one arrives, while others use this period of renewed energy to complete projects around the home or prep the nursery for baby.  

However you plan to spend this time - getting some much-deserved rest and relaxation is a must – there are a handful of second trimester must haves that you should consider. Your body will change significantly from the beginning of your second trimester to the end, usually making maternity clothes a necessity during this time (if they aren’t already!). Being mindful of your changing body, its needs, and your comfort is important throughout your pregnancy and into postpartum. Here’s a few essentials you should get to make the most of your second trimester:

  1. A Super Comfortable Bra. Newsflash: your breasts are going to change a lot in the next few months! It’s time to trade in your sexy underwired push-up for something built with breathability and gentle support. Make your dollar go further by investing in a few bras that can be used both for the rest of your pregnancy and through your breastfeeding journey! Not only will they get plenty of use now and in the future, but maternity and nursing bras are specially designed for exceptional comfort, quick nursing or pumping access, and to accommodate your changing body. Medela’s selection of maternity and nursing bras are made with soft, stretchy fabrics; easy open-and-close clips; supportive full drop cups; and no poking wires or scratchy lace.
  2. A Big Body Pillow. You may not think a pillow is a must-have until closer to or after delivery, or that you should purchase separate pillows for pregnancy and for nursing - but save yourself the time and money by opting for a breastfeeding pillow that can also be used prenatally. Beginning in your second trimester, certain sleeping positions are often strongly recommended by healthcare professionals (such as sleeping on your side) over others (like sleeping flat on your back). A soft, pliable pillow that can be placed between your knees, beneath your feet, or wrapped around your body can help make certain sleeping positions cozier while giving you a better night’s rest. Best of all, once your little one arrives, a versatile pillow can keep you and baby extra comfortable while nursing, pumping, and feeding. 
  3. Essential Oils or Lotions. Some online research and a quick conversation with your healthcare provider can help you find specific oils and/or lotions that can be especially helpful for the duration of your pregnancy. While you’ve probably noticed your belly growing already, early in your second trimester is often when that growing belly becomes a full-fledged baby bump! Studies have found that vitamin E oil, rosehip oil, coconut oil, and olive oil nourish the skin and can be effective in minimizing stretch marks. Massage these oils and/or other lotions and body butters designed for pregnancy onto your belly, chest, and thighs to keep your skin moisturized as it stretches with your growing little one.
  4. Reusable Water Bottle. Staying adequately hydrated is incredibly important throughout your pregnancy and while breastfeeding, so keeping a water bottle at your side at all times can remind you to take those sips throughout the day and evening. Check Amazon or Etsy for one that matches your personality, or order a customized one just for you. Remember, the current recommendation for water intake during pregnancy is about 10 cups per day. This not only keeps you and your growing little one hydrated, but also makes it easier for your body to digest your prenatal vitamins and other approved medications or supplements that you may be taking while expecting.
  5. Logical Layering Options. While shopping for or digging out your maternity clothes, be sure to have versatile options like a tank top or cami on hand. Depending on the season, these tops can be layered beneath blouses or sweaters or worn comfortably on their own with a pair of maternity jeans or shorts. Find a longer tank top that’s made to grow with you and designed with stretchy, supportive fabric and no wires for maximized comfort.

What Else are Second Trimester Must Haves?

Let us know by connecting with us on Facebook and Instagram. Every pregnancy journey is different, so remember to have some fun trying out all the new products, items, and essentials that can make your experience more comfortable and enjoyable! Medela features a wide range of maternity and nursing apparel designed for wearing both prenatally and through your breastfeeding journey. These bras, tops, and support belts easily adapt to your body’s changing needs, so you can be gently supported while your little one continues to grow. We look forward to helping you discover the very best pregnancy and breast milk feeding apparel and accessories for your needs!

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