Breast Milk Recipe: Breast Milk Butter

Feeling crafty? Use your extra breast milk to make butter for your older baby - It can be used on things he or she may be starting to eat, like pancakes, crackers, or even tiny pieces of bread!

Making Breast Milk Butter is So Easy!

A dab of butter is a great, tasty addition to a lot of foods – especially ones that your baby is likely now learning to eat and enjoy! From putting a bit of breast milk butter on a pancake or two before slicing them up into tiny bites for your baby to using it in recipes for baby-friendly baked goods that call for butter, using surplus breast milk to create simple homemade butter is quick, easy, and a creative way to help your little one keep getting your liquid gold. In fact, breast milk butter doesn’t require any additional ingredients or cooking tools other than a glass jar with a lid. Follow the instructions below to try making your very own batch of breast milk butter, so you can continue ensuring your baby gets your breast milk – even as they transition to solids and begin their own exploration into the world of food!

Try This Breast Milk Butter Recipe:


  • Breast milk, 1 – 2 ounces or more (depending on how much butter you want!)


  • Pour your breast milk into a clean jar and be sure to tightly secure the lid.
  • Shake as hard as possible for several minutes to “churn”, until breast milk thickens and becomes butter.

Serve on any of your little one’s foods that you might normally put butter on – think pancakes, crackers, or even tiny pieces of torn bread! You can also substitute your breast milk butter in any recipe that would normally call for cow’s butter, like cake, cupcakes, cookies, or other yummy treats that your little ones may share and enjoy on a special occasion. Note that the “churning” part of making your own breast milk butter is often the lengthiest and sometimes most tedious part of this otherwise super easy recipe. Some moms report shaking their breast milk jar for up to 30 minutes, while others recommend shaking for only 5 – 8 minutes or so. The amount of time spent “churning” is likely dependent on how hard you are able to shake your jar, but don’t worry – You’ll know when your breast milk is becoming butter, as the texture and consistency will gradually change, thicken, and feel heavier in your jar as the liquid solidifies.

Have you tried making breast milk butter, or other creative recipes using your extra breast milk? Share your tips and ideas with other moms just like you on Facebook or tag us in your final product on Instagram! We love seeing all the fun ways that our moms are using their surplus breast milk to ensure their baby still receives their liquid gold – even if they’re not so much of a “baby” anymore! Remember, your breast milk feeding journey is unique to you and your little one, and Medela is here to support you every step of the way so you can feed your baby with breast milk – in its many different forms! – for as long as you choose.