Breast Milk Recipe: Breast Milk Soap

Got extra breast milk? Get creative and try this breast milk soap recipe, made just for your baby!

Try This DIY Breast Milk Soap Recipe Made Just for Your Baby

There are so many cool, creative things that can be made from your breast milk – from different ways to feed your baby, such as with breast milk butter or ice cream to making special crafts, there are endless ways to use your stored breast milk and repurpose your supply in unique ways that continue benefitting your little one. There are plenty of recipes for breast milk soap on Pinterest, for example, which can be a great way to use some of the surplus breast milk that you may be storing. Evidence shows that the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in breast milk aren’t just the perfect food for your baby – they also have fantastic healing properties that can be effective for topical purposes as well! In fact, studies show that breast milk is equally effective as hydrocortisone cream in the treatment of atopic eczema among infants. 

Even if your little one doesn’t experience the occasional infant eczema or acne flare-up, breast milk tends to have a higher fat content than cow’s milk – which makes breast milk soap especially creamy and extra moisturizing for your baby’s sensitive skin. There are tons of ways to DIY it and try your hand at your own breast milk soap recipe! Use our suggestions here to start your project, or try the breast milk soap recipe shared below:

  • Purchase a breast milk soap-making kit from Amazon or another retailer that sells these DIY kits.
  • Check out some detailed instructional videos on YouTube or find step-by-step recipes on Pinterest.
  • Gather any necessary supplies, use the breast milk soap recipe below, and make your own breast milk soap at home!

Homemade Breast Milk Soap Recipe

Breast Milk Soap Recipe


  • Soap base, ½ pound
  • Breast milk, 1 cup
  • Essential oil, a few drops (if desired)
  • Powdered pigments (if desired)


  • Melt the ½ pound of your soap base (this can be purchased on Amazon or at most major health food stores) in the microwave on high. Try melting in increments and periodically checking on the soap base, to avoid overheating it or creating permanent bubbles in your soap.
  • Pour one cup of room temperature breast milk into your melted soap base, and stir until both elements are completely combined.
  • Stir in your essential oil, if you’d like to add a gentle scent to your soap, and your pigment, if you’re opting to add color.
  • Carefully pour your liquid into a soap base of your choice – there are tons of really cute silicone molds that can be purchased on Amazon – or into a clean jar or container, depending on the size and shape of soap you want.
  • Place the molds, container, and/or jar into your fridge for at least 2 hours to allow them to solidify and harden into soap bars.

If you’re feeling especially crafty, note that there are many ways to further customize your breast milk soap! Extra ingredients like honey, oatmeal, chia seeds, vitamin E oil, and even coffee grounds can be added sparingly to your mixture for added moisture and/or exfoliation. Just be sure to test your breast milk soap on a small area of your baby’s skin first during his or her next bath to ensure there are no adverse reactions to any ingredients! Happy crafting, mama!