Breast Milk Recipe: Breast Milk Yogurt

Yogurt is a great, healthy way to begin introducing complementary foods to your little one - and making a batch with your own liquid gold just for your baby gives him or her the best of both worlds! Here is a recipe you can try at home yourself.

Feeling Creative? Make a Batch of Breast Milk Yogurt for Your Baby!

Yogurt can be a great complementary food to introduce to your little one, if you haven’t already. Not only is the texture and consistency easy to swallow and perfect for little mouths, but a homemade batch made with your breast milk can be a creative way to use some of your stored or frozen supply while ensuring your little one still receives your milk – in a totally new and fun way! Best of all, your baby’s breast milk yogurt can be easily combined with other flavors or ingredients that they love, like a pureed fruit of choice, a dash of cinnamon, or even a bit of baby oatmeal, for a customized treat made just for them.

Interested in trying your hand at your own batch of breast milk yogurt? Here’s a detailed how-to that we found to share. Note that ingredient measurements are suggested only and may require a bit of trial and error to reach the exact yogurt consistency that you’d like.

Breast Milk Yogurt Recipe

Breast Milk Yogurt
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  • Breast milk, 10 ounces
  • Yogurt starter (note that this can be purchased separately in powdered form, or you can also use 2 tablespoons of plain yogurt with live active cultures)
  • Thickening ingredient, if desired (common options include cornstarch or plain, powdered gelatin – try 2 – 3 teaspoons per 10 ounces)


  • Heat your breast milk in a pan over medium heat until you see small bubbles forming around the edge, but it is not yet fully boiling.
  • Let cool and then add your yogurt starter.
  • You can also sprinkle in your thickening agent at this time, if you are using one. Use a modest amount based on how much breast milk was used and how thick you want your yogurt to be – you may have to eyeball it the first few times to get it just right for your baby’s preferences!
  • Carefully mix all ingredients together and then pour into a warmed glass dish or jar.
  • Place your dish or jar in a pot or cooler, and pour boiling water into the pot or cooler and around your dish or jar.
  • Cover and let sit overnight, changing the water once about halfway through. Note that the longer it rests, then the thicker your breast milk yogurt will be.
  • Store finished breast milk yogurt in the fridge and add any mix-ins – such as pureed fruit – after the yogurt is done.

Depending on how much yogurt you make, you may wish to divide the batch into different jars or containers once it’s done so you can create a variety of different flavored options for your baby. Best of all, your little one is still getting all the great vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in your liquid gold – and can have fun trying all different kinds of breast milk yogurt, to see which ones he or she likes the most!

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