Straight From Moms: Why I Love Breastfeeding

We asked real moms, “What do you love most about breastfeeding?” Here's what they had to say.


At Medela, we’re devoted to supporting moms throughout their breastfeeding journey. We’ve spent many years working to spread the word about the benefits of breastfeeding, and we know just how incredible the bond it creates can be. Then, it dawned on us: Who better to share all the benefits than moms like you? So, we asked Medela moms, “What do you love most about breastfeeding?” Here is what they had to say:

“The fact that while others can comfort her, I am the only one that can provide exactly what she needs.” – Brandi K. R.

“In a world that is always busy, breastfeeding gives me the opportunity to slow down and focus on the things that matter most!” – Misty N. W.

“I love breastfeeding for many reasons, but as a mom of a two year old and a nursing 5 month old, I love how portable it makes baby. I can leave the house with only a diaper and my ring sling and have everything baby needs!” – Erin D.

“I love the ease of night time feeding. I love the way she holds my fingers as she nurses. She always looks up with the sweetest eyes and sometimes pauses mid nursing to give me the biggest grins.” – Shayla M.

“As a working mom, breastfeeding has given me the opportunity to bond with my baby boy in a way no one else can. Additionally, by pumping I am still able to provide for him while he’s home with daddy and I’m working.” – Anora O.

“The extra calories in lactation cookies I get to eat. Just kidding…sort of. I love that she sees me as a place of comfort and love. She’s so happy and trusting during and after nursing. I love that I’m (hopefully!) starting a lifelong bond with her, so she’ll know I’m always the one to turn to for comfort and unyielding love.” – Bekah C. P.

“Early on I loved that I was the only one who could provide the one thing she needed. Now, at almost a year old, I love that I’m below pre-pregnancy weight without working out (Not to say that not exercising is a good thing).” – Jordan E. S.

“Convenience, bonding, and the knowledge that nothing but YOUR body has the absolute perfect life-giving nutrition for another human being.” – Amy L.

“My tiny preterm boy gained 3 lbs in a month! That cleared him of most of his health concerns. He’s my miracle!” – Corri O.

“What I love the most about breast feeding is knowing that there will be few things I do in life that will be more important, more meaningful or more precious than this!” – Lauren T. S.

We decided to revisit this topic with our moms to get even more insight right from you. Every mom’s breastfeeding journey is as unique as she is, and sharing what you love most about your breast milk feeding experience can help other parents who may be struggling or encountering challenges. We are happy to share another round – directly from moms just like you! – of unfiltered feedback answering exactly why you love breastfeeding:

  • “It’s quiet time and a special gift for me and my daughter.”
  • “It creates a unique bond with your baby. Also, it soothes him and me.”
  • “It’s our time together. It’s our privilege, our right, our joy, our love – It’s us!”
  • “There’s no place else she’d rather be. I’m her ultimate comfort.”
  • “It makes me feel like a bad-ass! I not only created life, but nourished it.”
  • “It provides nutrition for my little human.”
  • “It makes me feel so amazing knowing I’m giving my baby what’s best for her, 21 months strong.”
  • “It helps my baby’s immune system become stronger.”
  • “It’s natural. The bond that comes with feeding your baby is the best – no matter how it is.”
  • “I love that I’m the only person in the world who can do this for my babe.”
  • “I know I’m giving my baby the best.”
  • “My body is so amazing that it nourishes my baby.”
  • “I get to form a special bond with my baby.”
  • “It provides my baby with everything she needs! And we get endless snuggles all day!”
  • “Because it is best for my baby and I get to bond with her.”
  • “I don’t, it hurts. But it’s a good thing I can do for my daughter.”
  • “FREE!!!”
  • “The feeling of knowing that my body is nourishing my baby STILL is just incredible.”
  • “It’s the best nutrition for my baby. The milk is available immediately, no bottle cleaning.”
  • “It provides such a great start for my babies. And my body was built for it!”
  • “Our bonding time means the world to me. The smiles melt my heart.”
  • “I love seeing him consuming all the nutrition that only I can make.”
  • “Because everything! Such amazing bonding time and something only I can do for her.”
  • “I want my babies to get the health benefits from breast milk. Also, for me to be healthy.”
  • “I become empowered!”

What do you love most about breastfeeding? Join the conversation on Facebook and Instagram, and let us know!

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