Working Through Having Trouble Breastfeeding

Most moms encounter a rough patch while breastfeeding. The right support and guidance can mean the difference between struggle and success.

Breastfeeding can be hard, but it’s also one of the most important and rewarding things a mom will ever do! And sometimes even the most experienced moms will hit a rough patch. Some women experience painful conditions like sore nipplesplugged ducts, or mastitis. Others may have milk supply problems, feel exhausted, or feel like they can’t manage breastfeeding along with all of their other responsibilities.

You are not alone! Most moms encounter at least one rough patch during their breastfeeding journey. Getting the right support and guidance can mean the difference between struggle and success. And remember, if you are struggling with breastfeeding or pumping, don’t make any rash decisions until you have considered all of your options and have talked with a professional.

Luckily, there are support systems available for moms who are having a hard time.

​​​​​​​Support Groups

One of the first places to look for help is a community support group. Many of these groups hold meetings that are led and attended by women who are breastfeeding – women who may have had experiences similar to yours and can help you through times of doubt or uncertainty. These women are your peers. They can provide reassurance and help troubleshoot many breastfeeding problems. Most cities and towns have different support groups where you can turn when you need help.

Try to find resources in your community or talk with your hospital, healthcare provider, or midwife to see if they can suggest a good group.

​​​​​​​Lactation Consultants

If you have a medical problem related to breastfeeding like persistent sore nipples, mastitis, or if you’re worried about milk production, you may need to talk with an expert. Your OB/GYN or your baby’s pediatrician may be able to manage lactation complications, but another great resource to consider is a Lactation Consultant. Lactation Consultants have specialized training in lactation care, are board certified, and are available through most hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, or even a private consultation practice.

Download the Medela Family app for convenient breastfeeding and pumping assistance, as well as additional resources and education. You'll be able to track important stats for pregnancy, baby, and breastfeeding with ease while also receiving timely tips and valuable support to help you meet your unique goals.

You can also connect with our board-certified Lactation Consultants through to consult one-on-one via email for free for help with any of your breastfeeding questions and concerns.

It’s Your Choice

Even with support, some women find breastfeeding too challenging and choose to wean. It is your decision. If you decide it’s time to wean, give yourself credit for every drop of milk you have been able to provide to your baby, and turn to others for support and help with the weaning process. If you decide to continue breastfeeding, give yourself credit for your continuing commitment and lean on others when you have trouble along the way.

Either way, remember that you are an amazing mom and try to love yourself as much as your love your sweet little baby.

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