Breastfeeding Outfits and Breastfeeding-Friendly Clothes

Clothes for nursing moms have come a long way! Whether you're looking for designer styles or affordable basics, you may be surprised by the breastfeeding outfits available.

You’ve mastered the art of maternity clothing and know exactly how to stylishly dress to be comfortable and complement your baby bump at the same time. Then, you give birth and an even bigger challenge presents itself: How exactly do you dress to make breastfeeding easy while still feeling confident about how you look?

Many new moms find themselves struggling to find clothes that make them look and feel good, but also allow easy access to breastfeed or pump. Luckily, nursing clothes have come a long way. It’s no longer hard to find pieces you love to wear that are fully functional. Whether you want to invest in designer styles, want to stock up on affordable basics, or a little of each, you may be surprised by the options available to you.

Designer Breastfeeding Clothes

There’s no shortage of great designers selling stylish breastfeeding-friendly clothes, like tops and dresses. These are some of our favorites:

  • Loyal Hana – These on-trend pieces, which run the gamut from basic tees and sweatshirts to jumpsuits and tunics are designed with a barely-visible side zip that makes it easy to discreetly nurse.
  • Boob – A favorite of many nursing moms, this Swedish company carries comfy, cute, and functional tops and dresses that make breastfeeding a breeze.
  • Seraphine – With a huge variety of tops, dresses, wraps and more, Seraphine’s fashionable nursing clothes can help make it easier to feel like your fabulous self again.
  • Mitera – Each of these beautiful, splurge-worthy dresses has a hidden zipper on the chest to allow for easy nursing and pumping.

Best Affordable Breastfeeding Outfits

Breastfeeding clothing doesn’t have to be pricey. Get stylish and affordable finds at these retailers:

  • Motherhood Maternity – A go-to for maternity clothes, you can also find great breastfeeding outfit basics like cozy sleepwear you’ll want to wear all day.
  • Latched Mama – Started by a breastfeeding mom who was frustrated with the lack of clothing options, these affordable and comfy basics are all tested to make sure they’re easy to wear, easy to move in and of course, easy to feed in.
  • H&M – With built in layers and trendy designs and patterns, H&M’s MAMA line is perfect for the budget-friendly nursing fashionista.
  • ASOS – Drop-down panels, concealed openings and soft stretch cups make these perfectly on-trend tops and dresses convenient for nursing and pumping.
  • Pink Blush – These drapey tops and wraps look great with leggings, and the large selection of nursing dresses will keep you looking and feeling great, while making feeding baby a cinch. Lots of great plus-sized options, too!

Regular Styles that Work for Breastfeeding Clothes

You don’t have to buy a whole new wardrobe for breastfeeding. With a little layering and creativity, pieces you already own can help ease the sometimes awkward transition from maternity to regular clothes while you're nursing.

  • Layers, layers, layers – Layers are a breastfeeding mom’s best friend. Wearing a tank top or cami underneath your normal tops allow you to stay mostly covered when you’re breastfeeding in public or around friends.
  • Cardigans – Throwing a cardigan on over your cami or breastfeeding top is an easy way to pull a look together, while allowing easy access for nursing. You can even use your cardigan as a nursing cover.
  • Wrap tops and breastfeeding-friendly dresses – Not only are wrap dresses incredibly flattering on all body types, they’re perfect for making pumping a snap at work or during dressier occasions.
  • Button down shirts – Tops that button are the perfect nursing shirts for work. They make access easy and are a more structured option when you need to be more formal.
  • Scarves – The bigger the better! Oversized scarves can do double duty as a stylish accessory and a nursing cover.
  • Don't forget the nursing and pumping bra! Discreet, comfortable options like the 3-in-1 Pumping & Nursing Bra and Keep Cool Bra were made for today's moms - and comfort. Designed with soft, seamless material and convenient full drop down cups for quick breastfeeding accessibility whenever needed, these are perfect to go under any outfits.

Other Tips for Breastfeeding Outfits

  • Nursing pads – As a breastfeeding mom, your breasts may leak milk. And when you’re looking and feeling good, the last thing you want is a wet shirt! Breast milk leakage changes throughout your breast milk feeding journey, so be sure to find the right nursing pad with the right level of absorbancy you need to prevent leaks from showing.
  • Nursing covers – There is no shame in the beautiful act of providing life-supporting breast milk to your child. But for those looking for full coverage in certain situations, these covers keep baby (and mom!) shielded from view, stay put better than receiving blankets and come in cute, funky colors to fit your personality.
  • Slip-on shoes – It can seem like you never have enough hands as a new mom. Having cute and comfy shoes you can easily slip on hands-free gives you one less thing to worry about when you’re packing up baby, diaper bags, strollers, and more.
  • Accessories – As a new mom, you may sometimes feel like your personal style has to take a backseat to more functional fashion. But accessorizing with little things you love can make you feel instantly more put-together. Try throwing on a fun pair of sunglasses or your favorite earrings. These little touches can go a long way to make a fabulous breastfeeding outfit!
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