Choosing The Right Nursery Chair For Breastfeeding

The right nursery chair can make or break late night breastfeeding sessions. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a chair for your nursery.

With so many choices and features to consider, picking the perfect nursery chair can be a difficult decision. The right nursery chair can make or break late night breastfeeding sessions, so you want something that you’ll feel comfortable in and can support your arms as you hold your baby for long amounts of time.

Things to Consider When Choosing The Best Nursing Chair For You

  • Decide if you prefer a rocking, gliding, or stationary chair. Movement can be a great tool to help soothe a fussy baby without putting a strain on mom.

  • Look for chairs with wide padded armrests. You’ll be spending a lot of time leaning your arms on them while holding your baby.

  • Try sitting in the chair with your breastfeeding support pillow. Doing this before you purchase the chair will help you make sure you can fit comfortably with the pillow! Sometimes the chair arms are a bit too high or narrow to fit, and you want to be as comfortable as possible.

  • See if the armrests and back of the chair work with your height. You’ll want to be able to rest your arms and head easily while breastfeeding.

  • Try out the seating area and padding of the chair. The seating area should be easy to get out of once you sink in it, so you don’t wake your baby when you decide to put them in the crib after a feeding session. Firmer seats will work better for this, but you want enough softness to feel comfortable!

  • Avoid chairs with sharp points or exposed hardware. This is necessary for the safety of your baby!

  • Find chairs with a lock mechanism. Another great way to ensure safety! This way, the chair won’t move when you don’t want it to.

  • Does the chair accommodate your preferred breastfeeding positions? If you can, try out the chair before purchasing to see if it works for you.

  • Having a footrest can be crucial when you want to rest a little. If you want one attached to your chair, make sure that your baby is out of the way when you’re putting it down. Getting a separate ottoman is a good idea too!

  • Consider chairs with lumbar support. It can help with back pain caused by bad posture while breastfeeding.

Don’t forget to get something that you actually like – you’ll be using that chair even after the baby stops nursing. Now you’re ready to pick the right nursery chair for mom and baby!