Breast Size & Breastfeeding: Does Size Matter?

It’s a question we’ve all asked at least once – will the size of my breasts affect how much milk I produce? Here's the answer.

It’s a question we’ve all asked at least once – will the size of my breasts affect how much milk I produce?

The short answer is no. Although your breasts will likely grow larger before and during your breastfeeding journey, breast size is irrelevant when it comes to how much milk you produce. A mom with small breasts might have just as much milk supply as a mom with large breasts. The amount of milk you produce usually depends on how much your baby feeds – the more they feed, the more milk you’ll naturally produce.

While you’re here, let’s answer other questions you might have on breast size and breast milk amount.

What about nipple size and shape?

For moms dealing with engorgement and latch-on issues, nipple size and shape could have an effect. Babies may find it difficult to latch on to large, flat, or inverted nipples. But not to worry, you and your baby will get used to making it work over time. Using nipple shields may help with the issues; however, make sure to consult your doctor or lactation consultant before doing so.

Why do I have more milk in one breast than the other?

Uneven milk supply occurs for several reasons such as milk ducts being different sizes, or having been affected by previous surgery or injury. The forcefulness of your letdown can also be a factor. A forceful letdown could cause your baby to pull away from your breast and choose the other side, and a less forceful one could leave your baby hungry. Your letdown can also affect how your baby might latch in their attempts to control the letdown.

Sometimes the cause of uneven milk supply is as simple as your baby’s preference of hanging out on one side over the other – leaving one breast unattended. Here’s a more detailed blog post on the causes of uneven milk supply and tips on how you can restore balance in your breasts.

Concerns about having low milk supply is one of the top reasons moms quit breastfeeding before they’re ready – and some moms might wonder if it’s due to smaller breast size. But remember that most moms are well capable of making enough milk for their babies, no matter the size or shape of their breasts! There are several reasons why you might be having difficulties in early milk production, such as having a long, stressful delivery, cesarean delivery, smoking, or hormonal disorders. Check out this article to learn more about why you might be experiencing low milk supply and how you can increase your production.

If you think you’re producing less milk than you should, consult a doctor or lactation consultant so they can assess and determine whether you need nipple shields, lactation boosting techniques, or even formula. Here are 5 reasons why you might want to see a lactation consultant.

Will breastfeeding change how my breasts look?

During the last stages of your pregnancy and after birth, your areolas might turn a darker color and your breasts can become heavier than before – preparing your body for breastfeeding. If your breasts are on the heavier side, you might need more support to carry them comfortably!

There’s no doubt that your breasts and nipples will look a little different post-pregnancy and after you’re done with your breastfeeding journey – but it’s worth the beautiful memories you’ll carry with you forever.

Just remember that while all breasts aren’t created the same, they are all designed to produce the amazing benefits of breast milk for your little one.

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