Gift Guide: The Best Gifts for Nursing Moms

Whether you’re a breastfeeding or expecting mom yourself, or you’re shopping for one, these 13 gifts will bring a smile to any nursing mama’s face.

What is the Best Gift for a Nursing Mother?

Gift-giving can be tricky. The perfect gift is fun, practical, and thoughtful, and is rarely easy to choose. That’s why we’ve assembled our guide to gifts for breastfeeding moms to help you shop for the new mom in your life. Whether you’re a breastfeeding or expecting mom yourself, or you’re shopping for one, these 13 gifts for new mothers will bring a smile to any nursing mama’s face.

Gift Ideas for Breastfeeding Mothers

  1. Nursing-friendly clothing. There are tons of cute and functional clothing styles that make nursing easy, from basic camisoles and wrap sweaters to splurge-worthy dresses and cozy sweatshirts. Nursing-friendly clothing is a fun and practical gift for new moms, making it an excellent choice. 

  2. A nice water bottle. Breastfeeding moms drink a lot of water! So, it only makes sense she should have a reusable water bottle that she loves.

  3. Nursing cover. There are so many styles available, ranging from a more traditional cover with a slightly rigid neckline (making it easy to keep an eye on baby) to styles that do triple duty as infinity scarves, car-seat covers, and nursing covers.

  4. Streaming service, app, or e-reader gift cards. In the early days of breastfeeding, sometimes it feels like you never leave the couch. So, give a new mama something to keep her entertained during those hours she spends nursing. She can catch up on a TV series, download books she’s been meaning to read, and more.

  5. A night light. A soft, glowy night light that’s perfect for those middle-of-the-night nursing sessions when she doesn’t want to fully wake her baby.

  6. Lanolin or cooling gel pads. Lanolin and cooling gel pads help relieve soreness or dry, cracked skin.

  7. Burp cloths. Spit-up is a reality of new parenthood. And the more burp cloths she has, the less often she has to do laundry.

  8. Breastfeeding-themed onesies or tops for mom. A cute and clever breastfeeding top for her, or a onesie for her little one, can be a fun way to share her passion for breastfeeding with the world. We love the “Eat Local” onesies!

  9. Nursing Pillow. A specially designed nursing pillow can make it easier for a mom to keep her baby in a safe and comfortable breastfeeding position.

Best Gifts for Pumping Moms

  1. Breast milk storage containers. Pumping moms can never have enough storage bags and bottles, and there are a lot of sizes and styles to fit however she likes to pump, pour, freeze, and feed.

  2. Hands-free pumping bra. A good hands-free pumping bra that makes it easier for her to multitask is is an excellent gift for nursing moms, especially if they don’t already own one. 

  3. Cleaning products. We don’t know any breastfeeding moms who wouldn’t appreciate an assortment of Quick Clean™ products for when she’s home and on the go so that she doesn’t have to spend extra time hand-washing.

  4. Pump accessories. Pump accessories and spare parts like a vehicle adaptor, spare tubing, and extra breast shields ensure that she’s always prepared no matter where she may be.

Assemble the Perfect Breastfeeding Gift Basket

If you’re looking to go above and beyond and give the perfect gift to the new mom in your life, use the gifts noted above to assemble a fun and unique breastfeeding gift basket! It’s a practical and thoughtful gift that any breastfeeding mom would surely appreciate.

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