The Best Gifts for Breastfeeding Moms

If you’re heading out to a baby shower for a breastfeeding mom and need some great gift ideas – or just want some breastfeeding accessories to help in your own breastfeeding journey – this is the list for you! We’ve compiled all of our favorite breastfeeding gifts in one place to help you find the perfect gift.

Gifts to Help Breastfeeding Moms Stay Organized

It’s no secret that life with your newborn can be chaotic. These breastfeeding gifts are perfect for baby showers and other special occasions and, best of all, can help simplify things for the new mom or mom-to-be!

Breast Milk Storage Bags

Save mom a trip to the store once her supply is built up with storage bags that fit her lifestyle - choose from bags you can conveniently pump right into or larger, more traditional bags that lay flat in the freezer for long-term storage!

Breast Milk Storage Solution

This complete collection of breast milk storage containers allows moms to safely store, organize, and protect their breast milk throughout their breastfeeding experience.

Pump Bag

If mom's breast pump doesn't come with its own transport bag, help her feel prepared to venture out of the house with the baby with a shoulder bag! All Medela double-electric breast pumps come with a convenient carry bag to easily transport the pump and accessories, and it can even double as a cute "breastfeeding gift basket" for smaller gifts.

Gifts for Breastfeeding Moms to Help Them Be Comfortable

When you think of pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding, "comfort" is probably not the first word on your mind. Provide some much-needed relief with these thoughtful gifts for nursing moms.

Maternity and Nursing Apparel

Maybe your grandmother didn't receive a bra at her shower, but modern-day moms will be over the moon to receive breathable, comfortable, and functional nursing wear that can translate for pregnancy too!

Breast Care Items

No one wants sore nipples, but for many moms, that is a reality of breastfeeding at some point or another. Having breastfeeding products like these on hand can turn a would-be problem into a passing inconvenience.

Bra Pads

Leaks happen, but our bra pads quickly absorb moisture to give you peace of mind. They come in washable and disposable varieties. Because our Safe & Dry™ Disposable Nursing Pads are available in two options, buying a few packs of Ultra-Thin pads and a few of the Super Absorbency pads will ensure mom has ample protection when she needs it most!

Lactation Support

No matter how much you prepare in advance, a breastfeeding mom will always come across new questions and concerns during her journey. Give her the gift of peace of mind by signing her up for our Medela Family app, where she can track important stats for pregnancy, baby, and breastfeeding while receiving timely tips and valuable support to help her meet her unique goals. 

Bonus tip: You can also let her know about Ask the LC! This convenient, complimentary service allows parents to consult one-on-one via e-mail with a board-certified lactation consultant while receiving helpful advice and getting common breastfeeding questions addressed.

Cleaning Related Gifts for New Moms

Let's be honest - once a new baby arrives, everything is dirty. The right cleaning supplies can make life with a newborn so much easier! Check out these fabulous gifts for new mothers that will help them keep a happy and clean home.

Quick Clean Breast Pump and Accessory Sanitizer Spray

This convenient spray eliminates 99.9% of germs on hard, non-porous surfaces with its safe, no-rinse, no wipe formula. Use it on a breast pump, breast shields, bottles, and more!

Quick Clean Breast Milk Removal Soap

Our soap removes stubborn breast milk residue up to 3 days old, is clinically tested under physician supervision, and proven not to cause skin irritation.

Quick Clean Wipes

These wipes are convenient and portable for easy on-the-go cleaning, with no need for soap or water. They are proven safe for cleaning breast pumps and accessories as well as high chairs, tables, cribs, and countertops.

Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags

Our Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags disinfect pump parts and accessories (as well as breast milk bottles and nipples) in the microwave. Just add water!

Quick Clean Bottle Brush

Chances are, the parents you’re shopping for will be spending a lot of time cleaning bottles, nipples, pump parts, and other accessories at their sink. Help make their cleaning easier with a brush designed for bottles and other small parts. A non-slip handle and flexible brush head with 180-degree bristles minimize splatter while gently and thoroughly cleaning many of their breast milk feeding accessories.

​Any of these gifts for new mothers will have them jumping for joy - and help them stay on track to meet their breastfeeding goals. If you’re feeling ambitious, you could even use several of these gifts to assemble an amazing breastfeeding gift basket. Happy gifting!

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