How to Get a Breast Pump if You Already Had Your Baby

Whether you simply haven’t had a chance to order your breast pump yet or you planned to exclusively nurse and need a pump as a back-up, we’ve got you covered if your little one has already arrived.

Here's How to Get a Breast Pump, Even if Your Baby Has Arrived

Every mom knows that there’s a lot going on when you’re pregnant! It’s a busy, often exhausting time of preparing for your little one’s arrival and getting as much done as possible in the time before you give birth. If you haven’t had a chance to order your insurance-provided breast pump yet – or if you planned to exclusively nurse your baby and now wish to have a breast pump as back-up – you can still do so. Here’s how to get a breast pump if you’ve already had your little one:

Haven't Gotten Your Insurance-Covered Pump Yet? Order It Now!

Now is the time to confirm your eligibility, select the breast pump of your choice, and order it to be delivered to your home quickly, so you can learn how to use, clean, and get acclimated to your pump sooner.

In many cases, the period during which you may be eligible for a free breast pump is dependent upon your specific health insurance plan. This window usually begins about midway through your pregnancy and can end anywhere from a month to a full year after your baby’s birthday. Be sure to check our insurance breast pump FAQ page for answers to some common questions about the process. Once you get your insurance breast pump order out of the way, you can focus on spending this precious time bonding with and enjoying your new baby.

Rent a Hospital-Grade Breast Pump on a Month-by-Month Basis

Another great option for getting a breast pump delivered to your doorstep as soon as possible is to rent one! For moms who only need a breast pump temporarily or if you’ve realized that your body needs help building its breast milk supply, you can rent our hospital-grade Symphony Plus breast pump engineered with Initiation Technology™ for a low monthly fee. Symphony’s Initiation Program contains a mixture of stimulation phases to trigger your body to begin expressing breast milk; an expression phase, to pull out the highest volume of milk during your pumping session; and a pause phase, in case you need to walk away to check on your baby mid-pump session. Symphony Plus is especially helpful for increasing breast milk supply or replacing nursing at the breast for those who need to exclusively pump. You can then switch to its Maintenance Program once breast milk supply is fully established to keep your milk supply strong.

Having a pump on hand is especially helpful for maintaining your milk supply if your newborn is having latching difficulties or not nursing well. Later, as you transition back to work or encounter separations from your baby for longer than a few hours, having a breast pump can help you keep up your milk supply, so you can continue to feed your little one with your liquid gold – even while you’re away. You’re doing a great job of ensuring your baby continues to receive all the great vitamins and nutrients in your breast milk, mama!

Buy a Breast Pump at Your Favorite Store

One of the easiest options for how to get a breast pump is to purchase one at your retail store of choice. This may be a busy, tiring time, so order your pump online and have it delivered – most retailers offer a range of delivery options, depending on how quickly you’d like your breast pump at your doorstep. You can find double-electric Medela breast pumps at retailers like Target, Walmart, Buy Buy Baby, or you can purchase them through our Amazon store. If you’re simply seeking an occasional-use, manual breast pump as a back-up, try the Harmony® and find it at a store near you. 

Be sure to check each store for coupons, promotions, bundles, and/or other offers that may help your purchase! Remember, Medela is here to support you, so you can feed your baby with breast milk for as long as you choose. We are here for you through every step of the way!

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