How to Maintain an Active Lifestyle While Pumping

Here are a few tips to help moms who are looking forward to getting back to an active lifestyle while continuing to pump for their little one(s).

Tips on how you can pump and still enjoy an active lifestyle

If you’re the type of mom that thrived on activity before having your baby then you may be looking forward to returning to your bustling lifestyle! Whether that means getting together with friends, heading back to work or weaning yourself back into a work-out routine, we have a few tips to help you continue providing breast milk to your little one for as long as you choose, especially as you begin to venture out.


Plan ahead before going back to work

Returning to work is a big transition for a new mom so if you’ve decided to include pumping breast milk for your baby while working, reach out to your employer and discuss your wishes ahead of time. You want to be the best employee you can be, so discuss how best to fit pumping into your work schedule and duties. Take time to review your Human Resources policy/handbook to see if they include pumping information and read the latest federal laws that require employers to accommodate breastfeeding mothers at work. Be sure to keep a printed copy of the latest breast milk storage guidelines - also available in Spanish! - on hand and ask your employer for an appropriate place for you to pump (that isn’t the nearest bathroom), with a door that closes. Having this conversation before you head back to work could make it a little less stressful.

Ease into physical activities

If you had a work-out schedule built into your daily routine before your little one, then you may have already been walking with your little one, and perhaps, have even taken a few short trips to the gym! It’s great that you are already becoming physically active again.

If you’re interested in checking out a new hobby and would like to begin a more active lifestyle, there are a lot of options these days for any level of physical activity. Have you ever wanted to try indoor cycling, hiking, yoga, or interval training? Now’s the time to get active and try something new! If you have an opportunity to leave your little one with your partner or friend, start slowly and see what type of physicality and activity level feels right for you and your schedule. Consider mindfulness apps with different meditations for days when a workout just isn't possible - Expectful, for example, offers a huge library of meditation and sleep content designed for pregnancy and parenthood, along with plenty of resources to help new parents nurture their mental and emotional health. 

For some moms, exercise may be uncomfortable when your breasts are full. Many women find exercise more comfortable when they feed baby or pump before working out. Again, a little planning ahead of time can make a big difference to your comfort!

Choosing a breast pump designed for your life

Pumping for the active mom can take a bit more planning but it’s worth it to get back to the on- the-go lifestyle you always enjoyed before baby, while continuing to give him or her all the amazing benefits of your breast milk. Plus, seeing family, friends, and planning fun activities means quality time with your baby and other loved ones! As an energetic mom, you'll want a lightweight and reliable breast pump that’s designed with you in mind. An all-in-one mobile and portable breast pump like our Freestyle Hands-free® Breast Pump may be a great choice. With a rechargeable battery, this double electric breast pump is compact, weighs less than 1 pound, and fits in the palm of your hand. It’s an easy grab and go solution that gives you everything you need to pump wherever you are!

Getting back to your active life will take a bit of time, but with a little planning (and a good pumping schedule) that works for you and your baby you’ll soon be planning family outings, trips with friends, long hikes and walks with no worries about how to incorporate consistent pumping into your busy life!

Soon, your baby will learn how fun being active is and may be ready for his or her first pair of hiking boots! We’d love to hear about some of your fun activities. Visit our Facebook and Instagram communities to chat with other breastfeeding moms and share your own tips and tricks for convenient pumping on the go.

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