How Your Smartphone Can Make Pumping Easier

Ready to transform your pumping experience with the power of your smartphone? Here's how simple it can be, with breastfeeding support right at your fingertips.

The early months of your baby's life are often a busy time when you and your newest little one are learning all about each other – in addition to the new routines and schedule changes! No matter how much time you've spent preparing, being a new parent often means navigating uncharted territory while feeling a bit overwhelmed, sleep-deprived, and on what can often feel like a hormonal roller coaster. First things first, take a deep breath—you've got this! 

If you feel overwhelmed, your smartphone is a great tool that can help you keep track of many of these new things. The Medela Family app not only makes pumping easier by seamlessly connecting to your Medela breast pump via Bluetooth®, but it also keeps track of your baby's needs and vitals, including sleep, weight, growth and diaper changes.

Some of the coolest features – designed to let you do more snuggling and less manual tracking! – include:  

Wireless Connection to Your Medela Breast Pump

If you've got a Freestyle™ Hands-free, Sonata® or Swing Maxi™ breast pump, you can connect it to the Medela Family app to automatically track your pumping sessions, saving you both precious time and mental energy. And – as anyone nursing a newborn knows – extra time and energy are often in short supply.

Hands-Free Voice Control? Yes, Please!

Busy changing a dirty diaper (newborns are practically pee machines – if you know, you know!) or have your hands full while pumping with your double-electric breast pump? No need to worry about how to best multi-task when it can feel like ALL the things require your immediate attention. The Medela Family app allows you to use hands-free voice controls to track your sessions and progress.  

Virtual Milk Inventory System for Peace of Mind

Establishing a consistent nursing routine in the first few weeks - typically 2 - 4 - after delivery is critical to supporting your longer-term milk supply. Later on when it comes time to integrate pumping into your breastfeeding routine (if desired!), it can be challenging to keep track of how much milk you've pumped and stored - particularly in those earlier days when you may feel especially sleep-deprived and “out of it”.

With Medela Family’s virtual milk storage, you can always know how much milk you have in your stash and exactly what’s available for your baby. You can also get push notifications when your previously stored milk is close to expiring, helping you ensure none of that liquid gold you worked so hard for gets lost.

Smart Assistant and the Extensive Medela Knowledge Base

Although the Medela Family app is designed with ease of use in mind, we recognize that even the most tech-savvy parent might need support on occasion. That's why our app is built with a smart assistant to help with technical troubleshooting and answer some common questions. 

With Medela Family, you’ll also have access to an extensive library of educational, evidence-based articles all about breastfeeding and parenthood. This resource provides valuable content to help you care for your baby and answer common questions.

Support Smarter Care with Medela Family

Caring for a newborn is often a blur in the beginning – but it’s also worth every moment of transition, adjustment, and changes. Of course, that doesn’t mean that mamas like yourself shouldn’t find the support you need to make the transition into parenthood easier! As you and your baby learn about each other, you'll soon discover the routines that work best for you both - and sometimes having supportive content and helpful tracking right at your fingertips is just what a new parent needs to feel extra-confident as they embark on their breastfeeding journey.

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