Medela Family, the Breastfeeding Mobile App for Parents Like You

Being a new mom can be challenging, but the Medela Family app is here to help make the journey easier for your growing family.

As the #1 breast pump brand*, our goal has always been to make life easier for pregnant and nursing moms like you. One of the ways we support a seamless breastfeeding experience for today’s parents is through the award-winning Medela Family mobile app. From the first trimester of your pregnancy through your baby's first two years, the Medela Family app helps you easily keep track of your baby’s needs so you can focus on adjusting to your “new normal” and enjoying the motherhood journey - whatever that may look like for you!

Breastfeeding Tracker App

The Medela Family breastfeeding app is designed to help you track important information about your pregnancy, your baby, and your breastfeeding experience. Whether you’re currently pregnant or you’ve already had your baby and are learning to nurse and pump, this breastfeeding tracker app helps you celebrate your pregnancy and postnatal milestones, monitor your pumped milk supply, record your pumping sessions, and track important baby stats, like height and weight, diaper changes, sleep, and feeding sessions.

Think of Medela Family as your own personal assistant (you are kind of like a celebrity to us, mama!) that provides helpful insight and keeps important details organized, so all you have to do is record them once and in one convenient spot. We know you’re busy and maybe a little (or a lot!) sleep-deprived, so let Medela Family handle the rest. You can even track metrics for multiple babies if you’re a twin or triplet mom or if you have little ones of different ages!

Connect to Your Medela Breast Pump

The Medela Family breastfeeding app connects seamlessly via Bluetooth® to our popular Swing Maxi, Sonata, and Freestyle breast pumps for convenient automatic tracking of every pumping session.

More Helpful App Features

This ultra-convenient digital solution features a full suite of intuitive features built to meet the needs of today’s moms.

Designed To Be Easy to Use

Our breastfeeding app was designed for easy mobile use, wherever you are. It features a clean, crisp user interface that makes its baby and breastfeeding trackers easy to read and understand. It also features night mode for easy reading even in dim lighting, so you can use the app at night without disturbing your sleeping baby or partner and without worrying about extra eye strain.

Bluetooth Connectivity

No need to worry about manually tracking the details while you’re pumping - You have enough to do! The Medela Family breastfeeding tracker app connects to our Swing Maxi and Sonata breast pumps automatically to save your time and brainpower.

Hands-Free Voice Control

As a mother, you’ve got a lot of things to manage at once. The Medela Family app can be activated hands-free via voice commands. With hands-free voice control, you don’t have to put your little one down to track a nursing session, so keep on cuddling! In fact, you can even track a pumping session while changing a diaper – Talk about convenience.

Nursing Session Tracking

You can also track all your nursing sessions, including the amount of time baby spent on each breast (left and right), which side you ended on, and how the session was for you while including any additional notes so you don’t forget later.

Virtual Milk Storage

Our breastfeeding app includes a smart milk inventory system to help you keep track of how much expressed milk you have stored in the refrigerator or freezer, so none of that precious liquid gold goes to waste. You can also get alerts when your pumped milk is about to expire via push notifications.

Personal Helper

Don’t all new moms wish they had a personal helper to remind them about important things, provide helpful advice, and check things off the to-do list? The Medela Family app has got you covered with its included Smart Assistant to help with technical problems, answer questions, and send you push notifications to keep you on track for your breastfeeding goals.

Knowledge Center

Do you have a specific question about pregnancy, breastfeeding, or pumping? Our expertly curated Knowledge Center includes a library of educational articles to help you prepare and learn about the challenges of motherhood.

Download for Free Today!

The Medela Family breastfeeding app is available for Apple and Android users. Download today at the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

*IQVIA ProVoice Survey; September 2020 – August 2021. Medela 2018 U.S. Breast Milk Feeding Report. Medela 2017 Managed Markets Pulse Study. Voted most trusted breast pump brand by United States and Canadian shoppers based on the 2021 BrandSpark® American and Canadian Trust Studies.

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