11 Outside Mom and Baby Activities

Being a new mom can mean spending a lot of time at home with your baby. For a change of scenery, try some activities outside of the home.

Eat, sleep, breastfeed, repeat.

Being a new mom can mean spending a lot of time at home with your baby. If you're normally active and accustomed to getting out of the house frequently, this can often mean a period of adjustment as you and your baby develop new routines. For a change of scenery and to get some fresh air, try some activities outside of the home. Spending time outside can be beneficial both for your own physical and mental health, as well as your baby’s development.

Below are some activities that are convenient for the nursing and/or pumping mom, while working around your breastfeeding or pumping schedule. As you get out and explore, you’ll find favorite spots where you feel comfortable breastfeeding or pumping. In fact, many of our breast pumps are designed with the active, on the go mom in mind so you and your little one can enjoy more time together. Some great starter outdoor activities to explore include:

Activities for Baby and Mom Outside the House

  1. Go for a walk down the street and talk to your baby about all your surroundings. Point out and describe the plants, trees, children playing, dogs, and even insects. This will spark your baby’s interest and help them explore!

  2. Don’t be afraid to get a little dirty! Find a local park in your neighborhood and spend some time with your baby in nature. Play with sand, grass, leaves or dirt to get your baby accustomed to natural elements. If the park has a playground, try out the swing – just make sure baby is old enough to sit up comfortably on their own and remember to go slow! When the time comes for breastfeeding, try sitting under the cool shade of a tree or on a bench to nurse your baby.

  3. Many public libraries have areas for children to play. Take your baby along for a fun-filled afternoon for both of you! Quiet surroundings can also provide a perfect space for breastfeeding your baby, and some libraries even have nursing rooms for moms.

  4. It’s never too early to start yoga! As a breastfeeding mom, you spend a lot of time in nursing positions that may cause pain and soreness in your neck, shoulders, and back. Yoga is a great way to stretch those muscles and relax your mind and spirit. Many studios offer yoga classes for moms and pre-crawling babies. If you can’t find one in your city, try finding a video online!

  5. Don’t forget to socialize! Invite a friend for a picnic at the park or to meet at a local coffee shop. This will not only allow you to take a breather outside, but will also help you spend quality time with your baby and your friends. If you worry about privacy while breastfeeding, a nursing scarf or loose shirt can help conceal you and your baby.

  6. Have lunch in your backyard or dinner on the porch. Take something you do every day, like dinner, and put a spin on it so it’s simple enough but still gets you out of the house! Try breastfeeding while you’re outside to get fresh air, give your baby some new scenery to take in, and still enjoy your privacy.

  7. Hit your local farmer’s market for a fun weekend outing with your baby. Walk around and look at all the colorful produce and the people, kids, and dogs. Try some of the free tastings! Even if you don’t buy anything, the new environment, fresh air, and social interaction will be refreshing for both of you.

  8. If your city has a zoo or botanical garden, explore it with your baby! Most of these will have breastfeeding areas for mamas. Bring a carrier or stroller with you to walk around. It’s a great way to meet other kiddos and will be less chaotic if you go during the day on a weekday. Be on the lookout for free, baby-friendly activities happening at these locations.

  9. Go for a jog! Use a jogging stroller as a fun way to spend time together outside and get exercise in without having to leave your baby with someone else. Make sure that your baby is at least six months old before trying a jogging stroller, as most babies can’t hold their head up until then.

  10. Hit your favorite art museums in the city and walk through them with your baby. Many art museums have nursing rooms when it’s feeding time. Try going during the day on a weekday to avoid the crowds! The new environment will be intriguing and bright colors and shapes will be easier for your baby’s eyes to see.

  11. Simply go on a drive with your baby snoozing in the back seat and roll down the windows. It’ll help clear your mind, especially if you choose a time that’s not rush hour.

It can be tough to do these activities all the time, but even briefly getting outside to take a breather and walk a couple of blocks will help you and your baby have a good day.

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