Pumping on the Go With Flexible Hands-Free Options

Whether you're multitasking at home, traveling or at work, pumping on the go can help you save time and streamline your pumping sessions. Learn more about how this innovative option works for parents just like you!

Hands-free breast pumps are an incredibly popular, attractive pumping option for busy, working, or on the go moms – and with good reason. They’re an ideal choice for parents with busy, active lifestyles that may involve traveling, working, commuting, frequent time outside the home, and/or managing older kids in the household too.

We designed the Freestyle™ Hands-free, our smallest and very first wearable double-electric breast pump, to make multitasking while pumping a seamless experience for the ultimate hands-free flexibility – no matter how busy your day may be. In fact, the Freestyle Hands-free features:

  • Anatomically designed, ultra-lightweight collection cups that fit comfortably and discreetly in your bra while maximizing milk expression and reducing breast compression.
  • A separate, USB-rechargeable pump unit that fits easily into your pocket instead of weighing on your breast.
  • Easy, dishwasher-safe cleaning and assembly and even easier smart connectivity to our Medela Family app for seamless tracking and valuable content to support you along your breastfeeding journey.

Finally, its closed system means that breast milk won’t enter the tubing or motor. The Freestyle Hands-free is, like all Medela breast pumps, designed with 2-Phase Expression™ technology that mimics a baby’s natural suckling rhythm for efficient, research-based pumping.

Why Try Hands-Free Pumping?

The biggest benefit of hands-free pumping is that it leaves you free to multitask and focus on other things while you express milk for your baby – whether that means working, reading, eating or even traveling.

If you’re planning your eventual return to work, having a compact, easily portable hands-free breast pump can help you continue a consistent pumping routine even during longer periods away from your baby – making it as convenient as possible to continue your breastfeeding journey as long as you choose.

How to Use Freestyle Hands-Free

With a quality pumping bra like the Hands-free Pumping Bustier or the 3-in-1 Pumping and Nursing Bra, using the Freestyle Hands-free is incredibly simple: 

  1. Insert the assembled Freestyle Hands-free collection cups in your bra (no need to change into a special bra!) and adjust its fit as needed. The collection cups’ transparent design encourages easy nipple alignment and an easy way to ensure milk is flowing.
  2. Insert the short tubing ends into each collection cup and insert the long tubing end into the breast pump unit. 
  3. Be sure your breast pump is fully charged, and press and hold the On/Off button to get started. Release the button when you hear the audio signal and then press the Start/Pause button to begin your pumping session. 
  4. When your pumping session is completed, turn off the pump. Lean forward to slightly empty the nipple tunnels and remove the tubing at the top of both cups. Carefully remove the cups from your bra and pour milk into storage containers from the easy pour spout.

For more information and in-depth details on how to use your Freestyle Hands-free, please refer to the Instructions for Use that came with your breast pump. You can also check out this quick introductory video!

How to Clean Freestyle Hands-Free

The Freestyle Hands-free isn't just easy to use, it's also simple to clean. Once you're finished pumping and have safely stored your milk, fully disassemble the collection cups and membranes and then wash by hand or put them in the dishwasher.

Though Freestyle Hands-free is easy to clean, it’s important to ensure that you’re cleaning your breast pump parts thoroughly, before first use, and after each use. Refer to the Instructions for Use for details or the CDC’s guidelines for keeping your breast pump and parts clean. Additionally, this video provides a quick overview of cleaning the Freestyle Hands-free (but shouldn’t be used as a substitute for the cleaning resources above!)

Meet the Future of Hands-Free Pumping

With anatomically shaped, lightweight collection cups; an easy-to-use breast pump unit; and 105-degree angled breast shields combined with our research-based 2-Phase Expression technology, Freestyle Hands-free provides a superior hands-free pumping experience for all moms – one that’s simple, intuitive and comfortable, from beginning to end.

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