Relaxation Techniques For Breastfeeding Moms

For many nursing moms, relaxation techniques can play a dramatic role in breastfeeding success. Here are some tips that any breastfeeding mom can try.

For many nursing moms, relaxation techniques can play a dramatic role in breastfeeding success. However, for most moms relaxing is easier said than done. We’ve outlined some relaxation tips that any breastfeeding mom can try, no matter how busy your day may be.

3 Nursing Relaxation Techniques

Practice yoga. It’s a safe and healthy workout for breastfeeding moms, but its benefits go far beyond that. Yoga is an opportunity to focus entirely on your own body and well-being. How often do you get a chance to do that? Well, you deserve it! Benefits of yoga can be achieved in just 20 minutes and can help relieve tension, revitalize your mind, and prepare you for the next day’s challenges. 

Ask for help. To say you have a lot on your plate is an understatement, so don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you have older children, teach them about responsibility and assign some of your everyday tasks to them. You can even come up with some interesting ways to make chores fun. Don’t feel guilty about asking for support from friends and family either. Just think about it as giving yourself some time to rejuvenate so you can be the best mom you can be.

Use breathing and relaxation techniques. All breastfeeding moms should master these tricks, because you can use them anywhere. Anytime you feel stress getting the best of you (don’t worry – we’ve all been there), take a moment to focus on this breathing technique:

  1. Take a deep breath through your nose until you feel your stomach rise and chest expand.

  2. Hold that breath for one to two seconds.

  3. Exhale slowly through your nose for at least 4 seconds.

  4. Repeat as needed.

Or try Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR):

  1. Close your eyes and begin taking deep breaths.

  2. Start at your toes and flex that muscle group for 10 seconds as you inhale

  3. Exhale as you relax the muscle group for 25 seconds.

  4. Gradually move up your body as you flex and relax one muscle group at a time.

  5. Continue for 25 to 30 minutes, until you make it up your entire body.


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