9 Unexpected Uses For Breast Milk

Your breast milk has benefits beyond nourishing your baby! Here are some unexpected ways you can use it to help benefit your baby and yourself.

Breast milk is nature’s gift to humans, feeding and nourishing babies until they are strong little toddlers.

Your milk can have other benefits as well – from helping clear baby acne and eczema to soothing a sore throat. Here are some unexpected ways you can use breast milk to help benefit your baby and yourself.

As always, make sure to consult your doctor before trying any home remedy.

​​​​​​​Ear infections

Some moms have reported that just a drop of breast milk into your baby’s ear every few hours can help ease the discomfort that ear infections cause. Continuing to nurse and the sucking motion can also help your baby get over an ear infection easier.

Blocked tear ducts

It’s common for babies to have crusty, teary eyes in the first few months, typically caused by blocked tear ducts. Dropping a few drops of breast milk into the part of the eye that’s irritated can help treat this condition.

Baby acne

Acne in newborns can be present right after birth or develop after a few weeks. Usually, these breakouts will clear on their own with time, but breast milk can help ease them and help with your baby’s sensitive skin. Soak a cotton ball in breast milk and softly pat it on your baby’s face. The natural ingredients in the milk may help clear the skin as a baby acne treatment.


Babies have sensitive skin that can dry easily, which can cause eczema to develop. Due to its qualities that offer protection against infections, breast milk can help ease your baby’s eczema. Drip some breast milk on a cotton ball and apply it to the affected area. Depending on the severity of the eczema, it might go away on its own over time or require upkeep and additional doctor supervision.


Your baby’s skin might get red and irritated from diapers. Breast milk can help soothe your baby’s bottom and help treat the rashes and keep them from spreading. If this is a persistent problem make sure to see your pediatrician to get medical attention.


You can help ease the pain of teething by freezing breast milk into popsicles for your baby. If baby has been introduced to solids, you can try mixing in fruits or veggies for a delicious and nutritious treat. Check out our breast milk popsicle recipe!

Sore throat

If your newborn has a cold and suffers from a sore throat, don’t stop breastfeeding! Breast milk may help soothe throat pain and its natural nutrients can help baby build resistance and beat the cold. Breast milk has antibodies that can shorten the span of an illness.

Cracked and sore nipples

Breast milk can also benefit you, mama! If you have cracked and sore nipples, try rubbing a few drops of breast milk into the affected area to help soften and ease the problem. However, make sure to see your doctor first – if your nipple pain is caused by yeast or thrush, breast milk might make it worse since it has natural sugars. Make sure to eliminate these possibilities first.

Health benefits for moms

Clinical studies have shown that breastfeeding can help reduce the risk of breast cancer and diabetes in moms. Keep on breastfeeding!

You can keep some of your breast milk separate in an ice tray to pop a cube out whenever you need it for ear infections, rashes, or to treat your sore nipples. Breast milk is called liquid gold for a reason – make the most of it while you can!


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