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Can you tell which mom is at risk for suppressed lactation?

There are three stages in the breast milk production journey. As the stages are clearly interrelated, getting things right from the start will have a substantial impact on long-term milk production success.

Maternal risk factors for delayed milk production and suppressed lactation:

Although breastfeeding initiation is at an all-time high of 81%, rates of breastfeeding exclusivity and duration lag behind national goals. Women who stop breastfeeding before meeting their goals often report they did not have enough milk.


Demographic trends in the United States indicate all these risk factors have increased, some quite dramatically, in the last 20 years. Additionally, many women have multiple risk factors and are at significant risk for lactation problems.

New evidence suggests babies’ feeding behaviors have an important role in determining lactation success. These unique infant sucking patterns in the first few days of life appear to program mother’s breasts for optimal milk production. New breast pump initiation technology that mimics early newborn sucking is a potentially viable and safe intervention to provide at-risk mothers with additional breast stimulation for optimal milk production outcomes. In many lactation situations, interventions aren’t started until a mother reports problems.

By identifying mothers who are at risk for delayed or suppressed milk production, especially those mothers with multiple risk factors, clinicians can increase surveillance of infant feeding progress and intervene proactively with breast pump initiation technology.

Learn more in our white paper resource, "Improving Delayed Lactogenesis and Suppressed Lactation in At-Risk Mothers."

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Symphony PLUS Breast Pump
Symphony® PLUS™ Breast Pump

Initiation Technology:
Used soon after birth can significantly increase breast milk production. INITIATE program contains a mixture of stimulation phases, an expression phase and a pause phase.

2-Phase Expression® Technology: 
Can be used by all mothers to help build and maintain milk production. MAINTAIN program can be used to build upon initiation and maintain their milk production.

Supports your efforts to help mothers provide the life-giving benefits of human milk. PLUS helps more mothers produce more milk.

Successful initiation is essential for building and maintaining milk supply during mom's breastfeeding journey. Symphony PLUS helps moms of preterm or term infants initiate, build and maintain their breast milk production.

The PLUS Initiation program closely mimics the pattern during the first few days of lactation when the infant sucks more irregularly with rapid sucks and longer pauses.

One card provides two programs to help Initiate.Build.Maintain™ milk supply.

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