Medela ENFit Letter and GEDSA Customer Communication

Our response to GEDSA's recently-issued update on its guidance regarding the change to ENFit connectors for enteral feeding products, as impacted by the global healthcare crisis. 

Dear Valued Business Partner,

GEDSA recently issued an update on its guidance regarding the change to ENFit connectors for enteral feeding products as impacted by the global healthcare crisis. GEDSA is backing away from their recommended transition July 1, 2020 date to ensure continued supply of current enteral devices to meet the increased demand due to COVID-19. GEDSA is a nonprofit trade association with a mission to promote initiatives surrounding safe and optimal delivery of enteral feeding and connectivity. As a member of GEDSA and a committed and early supporter of the ENFit(R) connector system, Medela previously communicated on July 31, 2019 that to best support our customers we would not adhere to the July 1 transition date, but would instead continue to provide both the TwistLok(R) and ENFit products to support the needs and demands of our customers. 

As there is currently no regulatory mandate or timing to convert to ENFit, Medela is ready to support hospitals when, and if, this regulatory environment changes. Until then, we will listen to our customers to guide our product portfolio. Medela's TwistLok enteral feeding products and connector systems will continue to be offered for as long as our customers request them. Additionally, Medela will continue to provide our unique DualCap solution for customers needing pharmacy options to support their ENFit conversions. 

Medela stands behind the safety and benefits of Medela's ENFit and TwistLok enteral feeding products. We are proud to offer our DualCap solution to customers seeking a cost effective and patented solution to support their needs. As always, we will continue to provide best-in-class customer support to any customers who choose to transition to both our TwistLok and ENFit enteral feeding product systems.

We are proud to continue to support your unique product needs. Please contact your sales representative if you have additional questions. 

Thank you for your continued business.

Medela Americas


Medela wordmark and logo and TwistLok are registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. ENFit(R) is a federally registered trademark of GEDSA and is used with permission. 

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