Medela® Unites Moms with The Moms’ Room and #22Victories

August 1, 2018 – The two new initiatives help moms and moms-to-be navigate the ups and downs of pregnancy, postpartum and breast milk feeding.

Medela® Unites Moms with The Moms’ Room and #22Victories

The two new initiatives help moms and moms-to-be navigate the ups and downs of pregnancy, postpartum and breast milk feeding.

McHenry, Ill., August 1, 2018 – In honor of National Breastfeeding Month, Medela LLC announced two initiatives that aim to provide moms with the breast milk feeding support they need. The initiatives –The Moms’ Room and #22Victories– offer a place for moms to share real stories and experiences with each other and receive valuable information about breast milk feeding.

More than 80 percent of moms intend to breastfeed. However, nearly one-fourth of moms struggle to make it to even the first 21 day i,ii

“We know every mom’s experience is unique, but there are also some common struggles that moms face,” said Melissa Gonzales, managing director for Medela USA. “The Moms’ Room and #22Victories are about supporting moms, celebrating their victories and creating a community of support – a safe place where moms can unite. No matter how long a mom chooses to breastfeed, she can trust that Medela is there to support her.”

The Moms’ Room is a free service that delivers expecting mothers breastfeeding education and personalized support when they need it through their pregnancy and breastfeeding journey. Beginning at six weeks prenatally through one year post birth, members of The Moms’ Room will receive advice, product samples, exclusive access to Medela’s breast milk feeding resources, and discounted access to services, like Medela's exclusive 24/7 LC™ that provides moms with lactation support anytime she needs it. The Moms' Room provides catered support at each stage in a woman's pregnancy or breast milk feeding journey while covering important topics like how her body changes, the benefits of breast milk, guidance for obtaining an insurance breast pump, and tips for transitioning back to work after baby. The goal of The Moms' Room is to help strengthen the bond between parent and baby while also helping her reach her breast milk feeding goals. To sign up for The Moms’ Room, visit

The #22Victories initiative supports and encourages new moms with a special emphasis on the first three weeks, or 21 days, of their breast milk feeding journeys. Given the critical period of the first 21 days, Medela is focused on helping moms reach day 22, so they will be able to continue supplying breast milk to their children for as long as they want. #22Victories follows two first-time moms as they transition to the fourth trimester of their babies’ lives. These moms will share the real and raw emotions of the first 22 days of their breast milk feeding journeys on social media. Medela will also be encouraging moms across the nation to share their #22Victories stories, offer advice, share and learn new tips, and establish a sense of community among breast milk feeding parents. Read the stories and join the conversation by using #22Victories and following Medela’s Instagram and Facebook accounts.

“Medela is excited to launch The Moms’ Room and #22Victories to help foster community among moms and encourage their breast milk feeding goals.” Gonzales said. “We look forward to providing moms with the support and resources they need, regardless of what stage of pregnancy or postpartum they are in, to continue breast milk feeding for as long as they choose.”

Additional information about Medela’s commitment to breast milk feeding can be found at www.medelaus/breastfeeding.

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*QuintilesIMS ProVoice Survey; Nov-Oct 2017.

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i Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Breastfeeding Rates Continue To Rise. Accessed 13 July 2018.

ii Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Breastfeeding Among U.S. Children Born 2002–2014, CDC National Immunization Survey. Accessed 13 July 2018.