Soft Silicone™ Pacifier

Soft Silicone™ Pacifier


Super-soft, one-piece silicone pacifier designed to support baby's natural suckling. 

Lightweight and orthodontic design complete with self-sterilizing case. 2-pack of pacifiers

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Pacifier Features & Benefits

  • Gentle on Skin: Our pacifiers come with SensoPearls features to maximize airflow and comfort for babies on their skin.
  • Small and Lightweight: Durable, economical and so handy that you'll want them everywhere your baby is.
  • Shaped for Comfort: Ergonomically designed to allow the baby to smell mom’s comforting scent.
  • Easy to Clean: Comes with self-cleaning case. Just add water and put in the microwave for 3 minutes to steam-clean.
  • Safe for Baby: All our pacifiers are without BPA.
Medela Baby Soft Silicone Pacifier orthodonic supports natural suckling

In love we grow. Medela Baby.

Product Description
What's Included

At Medela Baby, nothing is as precious as the bond between you and your baby. Nurturing this special bond has inspired our expert breastfeeding, suckling, and lactation experts for over 60 years. 

It’s also the inspiration behind SOFT SILICONE – our first super-soft, lightweight, one-piece silicone pacifier designed to support your baby’s natural suckling.

  • 2 - Soft Silicone Pacifiers
  • 1 - Steribox  sterilizing case
  • Size/Packaging: 6.30” x 2.95” x 1.97”
  • Weight: 0.12 lbs