Shawmut’s Support of Breastfeeding Employees Furthers Its Mission to Advance Women in Construction


Shawmut Design and Construction, the $1.3 billion national construction management firm and leader in creating inclusive environments for construction professionals, recently partnered with Medela’s Kin lactation program to support new parents in its workforce. The program marks another win in the company’s ever-growing commitment to advancing women in construction.

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Through its partnership with Kin, Shawmut provides much-needed support to employees returning to work after welcoming a new baby. The company has invested in hospital-grade Symphony PLUS breast pumps and lactation accessories for breastfeeding employees to use at its New York and Boston offices. The new program sends a clear signal of support to parents who are juggling childcare and work responsibilities. 

Retaining Female Talent with Family-Friendly Policies

“Investing in equity across our organization and empowering women in the construction industry is a point of pride for Shawmut. We truly believe that building diverse teams and supporting our employees in their roles as parents and caregivers translates into providing outstanding experiences for our clients,” said Marianne Monte, chief people & administration officer for Shawmut.

With access to a dedicated lactation space and a hospital-grade breast pump, Shawmut has paved the way for busy parents who need to express milk while away from their babies. Providing the Symphony pumps, along with individual kits for each employee, eliminates the extra time needed for employees to transport and set up their own pump. Instead, Shawmut’s approach creates a welcoming lactation space that’s highly functional.   

“We’re thrilled to work with the Shawmut team to strengthen their support of working parents,” said Dana Kirwin, director of employer relations and government affairs for Medela. “Earlier this year, we surveyed more than 2,500 breastfeeding moms and learned that 3 out of 4 will return to work and of those, 97% will continue breastfeeding. Organizations like Shawmut, that make breastfeeding possible for their employees, see the benefits of their support in retention and employee satisfaction.”

Leading the Way for Advancing Women in Construction

Supporting working mothers is part of the company’s commitment to advancing women’s roles in the construction industry.

Shawmut leads the industry with a workforce of more than 30% women, with 20% of senior roles filled by women leaders. The company recently appointed a woman to serve as chairman of the board and its board of directors is 40% women – a rarity across all industries as only 6.7% of companies have a woman board chair. Additionally, women comprise 35% of Shawmut’s Construction Management Skills Training (CMST) program for recent college graduates.

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Through Medela’s Kin program, employers can provide breast milk feeding equipment and supplies to create a supportive workplace for new parents transitioning back to work after a baby. Kin also provides resources and educational materials about breastfeeding to ensure employees feel informed about workplace pumping, private lactation spaces through Mamava, and 24/7 Virtual Support with access to experts for new parents.

Medela has published a new white paper that outlines the current breastfeeding landscape for working mothers, and the ways employers can help – and not inadvertently hinder – families when it comes to choices around breastfeeding. The white paper can be downloaded for free here.