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The first few days after birth are an exciting and special time, but also an important time for you to begin your breast milk feeding journey. During the first week after your baby arrives, your milk supply is being initiated. For most moms, milk comes in between days two and five after birth.

Successful initiation is essential to help build and maintain your milk supply to support your breast milk feeding journey. It can help you have more success in all stages of breast milk production. Medela’s Symphony PLUS® Initiation Technology™ can help!



Why rent the Symphony PLUS Breast Pump?

In the first few days of life, infants’ sucking patterns stimulate mothers’ breasts for optimal milk production. If you and your baby encounter challenges during these initial breastfeeding sessions or if you experience certain conditions (such as C-section, obesity, moms over 30 years old, or being a first-time mom) this may hinder your ability to produce plentiful amounts of breast milk. Using Symphony PLUS soon after birth can significantly increase your milk supply.**1

Breast pump rental benefits

  • Rent through Medela and have a Symphony PLUS  Breast Pump shipped to your home.
  • Get the same great technology you’ve been using in the hospital, at home.
  • Initiate, build and maintain your breast milk supply with a hospital grade (multi-user) breast pump.


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1. Meier,P.P., Engstrom,J.L., Janes,J.E., Jegier,B.J., & Loera,F. Breast pump suction patterns that mimic the human infant during breastfeeding: Greater milk output in less time spent pumping for breast pump-dependent mothers with premature infants. J Perinatol 32, 103–110 (2012).