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American Medical Enterprises, Inc. (AME, Inc.) thanks you for looking to us for your breast pump needs.  As a thank you, we are offering you access to our online breastfeeding education at no cost to you.  Our goal is to not only increase the knowledge and skills of all mothers, but hopefully to influence their attitude towards breastfeeding, one mother at a time.  Many new mothers may not have had the pleasure of having one-on-one time with a board certified lactation consultant to give the expertise needed and often have to rely on family members past experience or the old wives’ tales.

As a first-time mom, I experienced a separation that I wished would have never occurred two days after my son was born.  I was forced to be discharged from the hospital but because of a preventable issue with my son’s health (that the nurses could have seen if reviewed in a timely manner), he had to stay an extra day, without me, at the hospital.  From that day, I told myself that I don’t want any mom experiencing what I had went through and thus strengthened the focus of AME, Inc (a 59 year old company). 

We are happy to partner with Medela and I hope you find these lessons helpful throughout your breastfeeding journey!  It's clinically proven that the breastfeeding experience, success and health outcomes improve when combined with education. So from our family to yours: congratulations and thank you for selecting AME, Inc. and taking advantage of this great educational opportunity.

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