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AmedSupplies.com is committed to being the leader as a superior provider for mom’s whether they are in the pregnancy stage or postpartum. We are dedicated to superior service, quality products and innovative solutions to improve the mom’s quality of life. We will achieve these goals through professionalism, quality and education.

At Amedsupplies.com we are even more committed to helping out the pregnant and nursing mom’s with an exceptional service, by presenting you a gift of 10 free online breastfeeding education courses at no cost to you.

Our goal is to not only increase the knowledge and skills of all mothers, but also to give for the new mom’s the opportunity to experience the joy in breastfeeding your precious prince/princess.

Time is of essence for a new mom (2-be). That’s why it may be that you may not have the time to sit in with a lactation specialist to gain the knowledge needed to achieve the best breastfeeding experience ever. Amedsupplies.com partnered with the leading brand Medela to give mom’s the opportunity to gain the knowledge needed within their own timeframe.

Hopefully with our joint sponsored free breastfeeding classes, you will have the ultimate success in bonding with your baby and the health outcome for both will be everlasting.

With knowing the benefit of breastfeeding which these free classes will provide. You will have the additional opportunity to get your free Medela breast pump thru our company here.

Our team at Amedsupplies.com wishes you a great success in your breastfeeding and parenting journey.



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