Use and Care of Gastrointestinal Tubes in the Neonate

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The use of a gastric tube in the neonate is a very routine procedure.  Tubes are used for drainage, feeding and x-ray verification of patency, to name a few.  Some practices used in the adult population may not be applicable in this population.  However, it is very important to evaluate and apply best practices.  Several questions will be posed in this presentation such as: What is the best method to accomplish this and yet be practical without added risk to the infant?  How should tubes be measured for placement?  Which route is best, what size tube is best for what purpose? And many others.  This is the second in a series of webinars related to neonatal nutritional needs and feeding practices.  Future webinars will address neonatal feeding protocols and necrotizing enterocolitis. 

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  • Nursing - 1.0 Contact Hours



  • List indications for a gastrointestinal tube in the neonate
  • Discuss standards of care and controversies related to use and management of a gastric tube in the neonatal population
  • Identify potential complications of the tube and how they may be avoided

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