Newborn Jaundice Primer

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Newborn Jaundice is a normal state of affairs for most healthy breastfed infants.  Traditional teaching was based on dividing hyperbilirubinemia into pathologic and physiologic- but this was done in a time when most newborns were formula fed, US population was more uniform, and new information on the genetics of bilirubin metabolism were not known.  Updates in our knowledge of normal physiology and concerns about bilirubin-induced  neurologic dysfunction demands a new algorithm and risk assessment of the newborn with jaundice.  Multiethnic populations, high rates of breastfeeding and short hospital stays require a thoughtful approach to management.  Our discussion will encompass bilirubin metabolism, updates on hemolytic disease, genetics of bilirubin elimination in the newborn, improved understanding of ‘breastmilk jaundice’, and a brief review of bilirubin value plotting and decision making regarding phototherapy.

1 Hour 0 Minutes
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Credit Hours

  • Nursing - 1.0 Contact Hours


Learning Objectives:

  • Review bilirubin metabolism
  • Update your knowledge on the genetics of bilirubin excretion
  • Learn what role human milk intake plays in newborn jaundice
  • Review in-hospital management of bilirubin values

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