An Economic Perspective of Human Milk and High Quality Breastpumps

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This recorded online course provides an overview of the value of human milk for very low birth weight and term infants. Discussed is how costs are measured in the hospital and how they relate to human milk. The economic impact of human milk on the incidence of costly morbidities and length of hospital stay are highlighted. The course concludes with key points for discussion about the economic value of Medela breastpumps for hospital decision makers, including administrators, clinicians and supply chain executives.


  1. Cost savings of human milk
  2. Prevention of morbidities, including late onset sepsis, chronic lung disease and necrotizing enterocolitis
  3. Long term benefits of human milk
  4. Making the case for human milk with hospital decision makers

1 Hour 0 Minutes
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Credit Hours

  • Nursing - 1.0 Contact Hours


Learning objectives:

  • Explain the value of human milk feedings for very low birth weight and term infants
  • Explain the incremental value of high quality breastpumps 
  • Describe the economic impact of pumping for mothers
  • Appreciate the different stakeholder perspectives on human milk and breast pumps


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