What Does Research Tell Us About “Normal” Breastfeeding?

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The focus of this one-hour online presentation is to provide health care professionals who work with breastfeeding families an overview of normal breastfeeding behaviors.  The presentation highlights the research by Dr. Jacqueline C. Kent, Assistant Professor, The University of Western Australia. In her observations of healthy breastfed babies, Dr. Kent found wide ranges in the frequency and duration of feedings and in the volumes of breastmilk consumed per feeding and per day. She also described breastfeeding behavior patterns that varied significantly in individual babies, yet were growing appropriately according to the WHO growth charts. This research supports the current recommendations for management of normal breastfeeding.

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  • Nursing - 1.0 Contact Hours


 Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss why breastfeeding is considered the gold standard in infant feeding.
  • Describe the history of research regarding human breastfeeding.
  • List 5 components present in human milk that are not found in infant formula.
  • Explain the primary factor involved in maintaining a mother’s established milk supply.
  • Discuss what Dr. Kent’s research determined was the normal frequency of breastfeeding in healthy babies 1 to 6 months old.
  • Discuss the pattern of night breastfeeding.
  • Describe 2 changes in breastmilk when breastfeeding continues beyond 12 months of age, as recommended.

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