Breast Anatomy and Breastshields

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This course details the ultrasound findings of Donna Geddes, Ph.D, University of Western Australia regarding the anatomy of the lactating breast. The program describes competencies for clinicians who work with pump dependent mothers in how to ensure a correct breastshield fit while pumping breastmilk. This is accomplished by showing video recordings of actual pumping scenarios. Five criteria that ensure a correct breastshield fit are described.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define human mammary gland development.
  • Describe current human mammary gland anatomical images seen via ultrasound technology.
  • Investigate the possibility of milk ducts and breast anatomy affecting milk removal.
  • Describe how incorrectly fitted breast shields impact milk removal while pumping.
  • Explain criteria for a correct breast shield fit.
1 Hour 0 Minutes
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Credit Hours

  • Nursing - 1.0 Contact Hours


  • Anatomy of the lactating human breast
  • Ultrasound update-research findings of Donna Geddes, Ph.D
  • Research implications
  • Significance of correctly fitted breast shields
  • Assessment of proper breast shield fit

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