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The pre-term infant feeding journey is a critical step in their development and although breastfeeding is clearly best for infants,  it may not always be possible to breastfeed directly. This brief presentation introduces the Medela Calmita Advanced feeding nipple, a research-based hospital feeding solution designed and proven to help preterm infants preserve their natural sucking behavior during bottle feeds. Discussion includes the science behind the infant’s intra-oral dynamics, the challenges affecting the pre-term infant’s feeding progress, and the importance of improving oral feeding skills to support the attainment of discharge criteria earlier.  Additional topics include guidelines for optimal use and proper handling.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss the dynamics of breastfeeding as the optimal method of feeding for infants.  
  • Identify the dynamics of the infant’s natural feeding behaviors
  • Discuss the impact of prematurity on feeding.   
  • List the benefits of direct  breastfeeding over bottle feeding.
  • Explain the primary difference between Calmita and conventional feeding nipples.
  • Discuss guidelines for proper handling and optimal use.


0 Hour 15 Minutes
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