SPIN Class On Human Milk Nutrition In The NICU

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This recorded webinar covers the latest understanding of how mother’s milk can promote the best health for preterm infants. Discussed are the important considerations to have when moving along the journey to standardizing human milk nutrition in the NICU. The course reviews how to build a multidisciplinary human milk team to optimize the quality and value improvement of bringing human milk to the forefront in preterm nutrition. 

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Credit Hours

  • Nursing - 1.0 Contact Hours


Section 1:
Benefits of human milk for premature infants
  • Identify the nutritional and non-nutritional components of human milk.
  • Compare human milk with infant formula.
  • Recognize the nutrient content variability of human milk.
Section 2:
Strategies to optimally grow high risk premature infants
  • Define the goal of feeding preterm infants.
  • Describe the benefit of an exclusive human milk diet for preterm infants.
  • Recognize the differences between Mother’s Own Milk and Donor Human Milk.
Section 3:
Building a human milk nutrition program for premature infants
  • Recognize the future use of Mother’s Milk and Donor Human Milk in the NICU
  • Explain The SPIN Program’s 10 steps

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