Initiation of Lactation: At Risk Mothers and Proactive Interventions

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This one-hour course explains how mothers’ milk volumes are initiated, built and maintained throughout the breastfeeding journey. The normal progression of human lactation is described along with normal infant sucking patterns. A review of lactation risk factors is presented by examining current research.  Proactive interventions that can positively impact lactation success are included in the presentation.

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  • Nursing - 1.0 Contact Hour


  • Describe the normal progression of human lactation. 
  • Identify how newborn sucking patterns affect maternal milk volume production.
  • Identify several evolving trends in maternal health demographics that are associated with delayed onset of lactogenesis or suboptimal milk production.
  • Discuss potential benefits of preventing low milk volumes in at risk mothers.
  • Summarize evidence-based strategies and technologies that can be used proactively to prevent milk volume issues in mothers at risk for low milk volumes.

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