Early Initiation as Standard of Care: Meeting Lactation Goals in Healthy and At-Risk Populations

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Exclusive at-breast feeding to initiate lactation is the gold standard in the healthy term infant.  However, due to a myriad of potential infant or maternal conditions, early and exclusive at-breast feeding may not be possible or effective.  In some vulnerable populations, such as late preterm, this lack of effective breastfeeding may not be recognized, resulting in delayed or impaired milk production.  This talk will cover the evidence behind appropriate lactation initiation, especially in at-risk populations, and how we can best support parents to meet their lactation goals.


1 Hour 0 Minutes
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Credit Hours

  • Nursing - 1.0 Contact Hour


  •       Lactation physiology in the transition from pregnancy to the early postpartum period and how it may be influenced by initiation behaviors
  •         Discuss common maternal and infant risk factors that impact lactation initiation and long term milk supply and how they may be mitigated
  •         Share the evidence for a proactive approach to lactation to facilitate lactation success in healthy as well as at-risk populations



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