Elizabeth B. Froh

Elizabeth Froh is the current Clinical Supervisor for the CHOP Lactation Team and Human Milk Management Center. In this role, Dr. Froh is responsible for the direct supervision of the hospital’s lactation consultants, education and training of clinical staff, and translational research involving human milk science and breastfeeding. Additionally, Dr. Froh acts as the liaison between the Department of Nutrition and Patient Services and the Department of Nursing to optimize the provision of human milk through the Human Milk Management Center to all patients within CHOP. Before transitioning to this position, Miss Froh worked as a bedside nurse on the CHOP NICU Surgical Team (2008-2013) and as a nurse at Georgetown University Hospital NICU (2006-2008).

Elizabeth attended the University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing and received her Bachelor’s Degree in 2006. Dr. Froh then obtained her Master of Nursing Degree (2010) and Doctorate of Philosophy (2014) from the University of Pennsylvania. During her doctoral program, Dr. Froh’s area of study focused on human milk science related to vulnerable infant populations. Dr. Diane Spatz served as her advisor and the Chair of Dr. Froh’s dissertation committee.
Dr. Froh’s goal is to increase the rates of breastfeeding and the provision of human milk for vulnerable infants cared for in a hospital setting through translational research. Her research directly relates to the innovative emerging lactation programs within CHOP including the fortification and modification (human skim milk) of maternal human milk, the implementation of a human milk nutrient analyzer in clinical practice, and the development of a hospital-based donor human milk bank (CHOP is recently recognized by the Human Milk Banking Association of North America as a Milk Bank in Development).

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