Leon Mitoulas
BSc. (Hons), PhD

Dr. Leon Mitoulas is currently the Head of Breastfeeding Research at Medela AG and an Honorary Fellow in the School of Biomedical, Biomolecular and Chemical Sciences, The University of Western Australia.

Leon undertook his undergratuate Honours and postgraduate doctoral studies under the supervision of Prof. Peter Hartmann at The University of Western Australia.  During this time his research centred on the lipids in human milk.  In particular, the variability of total lipid content and fatty acid composition over the short- (24 h) and long- (12 mo) term.  As a Postdoctoral Research Fellow Leon stayed with Prof. Hartmann and focussed on the mechanisms underlying human milk production and milk removal from the breast.

Since 2004 Leon has been responsible for coordinating the breastfeeding research portfolio at Medela AG.  This involves liaising with research sites worldwide to develop and carry out basic and applied research projects and then to develop strategies to communicate these data to both internal (within Medela) and external (medical and research community) partners.

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