Thomas Hale
R.Ph., PhD.

Dr. Hale holds degrees in Pharmacy and a Ph.D. in Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology.  He is best known in the field of perinatal pharmacology where he is extensively published in the use of medications in breastfeeding mothers.   He is considered by most, to be the world's leading authority in the use of medications in  breastfeeding mothers.

Dr. Hale is the director of the InfantRisk Center at Texas Tech University School of Medicine.  This center provides evidence-based information on the use of medications during pregnancy and breastfeeding to physicians, nurses, lactation consultants, and mothers themselves. 

He is the author of 5 books in the field of pharmacology and human lactation and numerous papers and book chapters.  His book,  Medications and Mothers’ Milk is now in its 19th edition.  This book is a world-wide best seller, with more than a million copies sold in the last 15 years.  It is used in pediatric and neonatal intensive care units, obstetrical centers and drug information centers in every part of the world.

He developed the Lactation Risk Category,  which is a rating system used world-wide for rating the safety or hazard of medications in breastfeeding mothers.

His other books include:  Textbook of Human Lactation;  Clinical Therapy in Breastfeeding Patients,  and  Drug Therapy and Breastfeeding,  etc.

Dr. Hale is also the Director of the Clinical Research Unit at TTUHSC Amarillo and supervises the clinical research projects on this campus.


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