Recorded Webinar - Donor Human Milk and Mothers' Own Milk: Why are Outcomes Different for VLBW Infants?

Donor human milk (DHM) has quickly become the international standard for feeding very low birthweight (VLBW; <1500 grams) infants during the NICU hospitalization when mothers' own milk (MOM) is not available.  Surprisingly little evidence supports this rapid change and recent systematic reviews reveal that DHM does not provide the same protection from morbidities as MOM and does not support optimal weight gain in recipient infants.  Nonetheless, multiple studies and quality improvement projects continue to combine MOM and DHM into the same feeding metric, "human milk feeding" as if the two types of milk were equivalent.  The purpose of this presentation is to review the evidence about health and cost outcomes for MOM and DHM, detail mechanisms that impact these differences in outcome and propose specific opportunities to translate these differences into best NICU practices.

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